TRAGIK – Realm Angelic (2023)

TRAGIK - Realm Angelic (2023) - full

TRAGIK, one of the best outfits of Phil Vincent is about to release a new album, “Realm Angelic“. The group remains intact sice formed, with Vincent on vocalsa, guitar, bass, keys, Dirk Phillips on drums, and Damian D’Ercole on guitar. As usual, English born six-string virtuoso Vince O’Regan provides the solos.
As happened with the two previous TRAGIK albums, production has been refined, and the have again talented Jacob Hansen mastering “Realm Angelic”.
This is TRAGIK 12th album. What you need to do to prevent repeat yourself? For a Rock band, explore other sounds, turn a bit more progressive. That’s the case with “Realm Angelic”; while the band remains true to its ’80s based melodic hard rock punch, the songwriting expands to more elaborated arrangements on some songs.
And that’s a good thing, as TRAGIK 2023 still delivers the straight riff-driven melodic rockers, balanced by other interesting compositions.

‘Genesis’ packs a powerful punch both riff and solo wise, whilst ‘Sorry To See You Go’ is a solid rocker with a catchy chorus. One thing is for sure, over the years Phil Vincent hasn’t lost his knack of penning catchy choruses.
On the other hand on ‘Somethin’ Goin’ On’ as example, appear some progressive movements yet still very melodic. Also midtempo ‘False Idol’ takes some proggy atmospheres in the ’90s style, and ‘Life Line’ drops a broken riff, also something new for Tragik.
Phil Vincent’s love of the Beatles see Tragik cover ‘Yesterday’ done in a hard rock form, almost to the detriment of the vocals. We don’t like it much, however Phil’s wish was to record the song someday.

You know what you are getting with a Tragik album, namely riff heavy, melodic hard rock and a Dokken-esque feeling, now also some other interesting progressive variations too.
“Realm Angelic” is another solid album in their repertoire.
Highly Recommended


01 – High & Mighty
02 – Genesis
03 – Somethin’ Goin’ On
04 – Breakdown
05 – Yesterday
06 – Life Line
07 – Tired of Waiting
08 – Sorry to See You Go
09 – False Idol
10 – Awaken
11 – Dr. Sun

Phil Vincent – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Drums
Damian D’Ercole – Bass
Dirk Phillips – Drums and Percussion
Vince O’Regan – Lead Guitars



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