BOUNCE THE OCEAN – Treasure [1990-91 re-mixed / re-mastered / unreleased] (2023)

BOUNCE THE OCEAN - Treasure [1990-91 re-mixed / re-mastered / unreleased] (2023) - full

BOUNCE THE OCEAN formed in the early 1990s by Hawk Bjorn (a born-and-bred Swede) and John Utter (a Washingtonian, also of Scandinavian heritage) who became friends at college in Walla Walla, Washington. Their self-titled album 1991’s “Bounce The Ocean” produced by Steve Berlin, Michael Omartian and Glen Ballard yielded a Billboard-charting single in “Throw It All Away” and a radio hit in “Wasting My Time”, selling over a quarter-million copies.
Featuring top class musicians such as Michael Thompson (guitar), O’Martian (keyboards), Kenny Aronoff (drums), Neil, etc, with its ’80s poppy-rock sound spiced with West Coast AOR breeze “Bounce The Ocean” became a obligatory item into fans of the genre collections.
Now 2023 Bjorn & Utter joined again, recorded a new song and completely re-mixed / remastered the original album, and with the addition of a never before heard track from the original sessions plus unreleased songs / demos, are releasing all these under the title “Treasure“.

Mainly recorded in the 1990, this collection includes the original musical vision of BOUNCE THE OCEAN with front and centre harmonies, solos by John and Hawk, and fresh instrumentation produced by Grammy Award-winning Steve Berlin, mixed by legendary Michael Frondelli and engineered by sound designer Frank Bry.
Some songs are pretty different than the 1991 originals. ‘Throw It All Away’ has been changed with much more harmony vocals. On guitars, world-renowned Tim Lerch, Michael Thompson and Greg Leisz have different parts for ‘Letting Go’. Also featured on drums is Andy Kravitz, now a Grammy Award-winning producer himself.

‘Don’t Believe In Love Anymore’ is the cool new song BOUNCE THE OCEAN recorded and didn’t lost their elegance. The never before heard track “First I’ll Take You” is a snappy danceable power-pop song featuring world-renowned drummer Kenny Aronoff, Neil Stubenhaus on bass, Randy Waldman’s blistering grand piano solo and Jerry Hey and his classic horn section, produced by Grammy Award-winning musician and songwriter, Clif Magness.
Highly Recommended


01 – So We Collide
02 – Don’t Believe In Love Anymore (New song)
03 – Wasting My Time
04 – Throw It All Away
05 – Gloria
06 – Crooked Heart
07 – Dry Your Eyes
08 – Letting Go
09 – When She Turned Away
10 – Scientists
11 – Sacrificed (previously unreleased demo)
12 – First I’ll Take You (previously unreleased)
13 – Leap of Faith (previously unreleased demo)
14 – It Just Gets Better
15 – Take Me As I Am (previously unreleased acoustic demo)

John Utter – vocals, guitar
Hawk Bjorn – bass, keyboards, background vocals
Michael Thompson – guitar
Andy Kravitz – drums, percussion
Frank Bry – keyboards, bass, drum samples
Greg Leisz – slide guitar
Tim Lerch – guitar
Kenny Aronoff – drums
Andy Kravitz – drums
Neil Stubenhaus – bass
Randy Waldman – piano
Andrew Gold – guitar
Dave Boroff – saxophone
Steve Berlin – programming, percussion
Michael O’martian – keyboards, synthesizer, bass



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