LEATHERWOLF – Street Ready [Digitally Remastered +2] Out Of Print

LEATHERWOLF - Street Ready [Remastered +2] Out Of Print full

The first 3 albums from LEATHERWOLF are among the best ’80s US metal / hard rock had to offer. One of you asked if these have been remastered, and the answer, after some investigation, is ‘yes’.
The only remastered versions were done by the band themselves, sold via their own label Leatherwolf Records during the last decade, and available in limited quantities, now out of print.
Street Ready is Leatherwolf’s third album released in 1989, and according to times, is pretty much hard rock oriented with a polished production sound.

While not well known by casual ’80s metal / hard rock enthusiast, Leatherwolf are a killer band. Maybe they were a bit too heavy for the massive audience, but they could have easily reached, for example, any W.A.S.P., Fifth Angel or even Dokken fan.
The had everything; great songs, an outstanding guitar team with triple (!) axe attack (the intro for the opening “Wicked Ways” speaks for itself), a powerful sound, a big label, and even a the proper looks.
Believe me, these guys should have been much bigger.

To those who are not familiar with this Californian outfit, they play a hard edged, rugged, and more aggressive alternative to the sleazy steeped LA scene of the era. Comparisons to Queensryche, Riot and Accept are easily made, along with other famous ’80s acts such as Dokken, Crimson Glory, Icon and why not, some Judas Priest.
The riffs definitely pay homage to classic ’80s metal yet, especially in this 3rd effort “Street Ready”, with a groove and punch of traditional hard rock, all with melody.

Just picture a middle ground between the chunky heaviness of Fifth Angel and the lighthearted melodic nature of Dokken and you’ll be on the right track.
It’s obvious that we can’t consider them a totally underground band (they even had high rotation with a couple of videos from this album in MTV and VH1), but they never started to really take off.

LEATHERWOLF - Street Ready [Remastered +2] inside

After their straightforward debut and their more melodic sophomore album, they arrived at the end of the ’80s with everything on their side.
They closed themselves in the famous Compass Point Studios (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) with Kevin Beamish (Y&T, Keel, MSG) and registered an awesome collection of songs for this “Street Ready”.

Ranging from the furious yet polished opener “Wicked Ways”, “Take a Chance”, and “Too Much” to catchy anthems as “Hideaway” and “Lonely Road”, this album rocks.
A varied, precisely-played, and very well-written album where all tracks are winners.

Leatherwolf’s “Street Ready” blends like few the boundaries between hard rock and US metal, and this is what makes this album special. While many metal bands never let a tune get in the way of their music, Leatherwolf have always used their instrumental expertise to assist the melody.

LEATHERWOLF - Street Ready [Remastered +2] back

This remastered reissue is a true gem, very hard to find, including 2 bonus tracks not present in the original release.
There’s a misprint error on the artwork, only listing 11 songs (with the bonus tracks) even though the 12 tracks are present on the CD. Another reason to be considered a collector’s item.

0dayrox exclusive (thanks to Larking)


01 – Wicked Ways
02 – Street Ready
03 – Hideaway
04 – Take A Chance
05 – Black Knight
06 – Thunder
07 – The Way I Feel
08 – Too Much
09 – Lonely Road
10 – Spirits In The Wind
11 – Black Jack
12 – Tools Of Discipline

Michael Olivieri – Vocals, Guitars
Geoff Gayer – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Carey Howe – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Paul Carman – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dean Roberts – Drums


Out Of Print / sold out

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