FIRST LIGHT – Gravity (2023) HQ *Exclusive*

FIRST LIGHT - Gravity (2023) HQ *Exclusive* - full

Now we have here an absolute delight for AOR fans: UK based act FIRST LIGHT and their debut album ”Gravity”.
FIRST LIGHT was formed by two musicians with a long story in the British rock scene, guitarist / songwriter Dave Hardman and bass player Carl Sharples, joined by ex FM keyboardist Didge Digital who drops washes of retro synths, drummer Andy Jakeman, and American vocalist Warren Passaro which vocal color brings to mind Kevin Chalfant and Steve Perry.
Yeah, there’s an ’80s Journey smell all over ”Gravity” delivering a wonderful set of well thought and beautifully arranged songs. This isn’t cookie-cutter factory produced stuff, this is the real AOR deal, as songs like ‘Rise and Fall’, the infectious ‘Revolution’, or the catchy ‘Hidden In The Heart’ prove.
There’s such awesome melodies and enthusiasm about these songs that’s hard to ignore – you’ll love ’em!

Press play on ‘Gravity’ and you’ll be taken to 1986, songs plenty of hooks and magic. Sure, there’s a familiar feeling akin Journey, FM, or more recently Nitrate, however FIRST LIGHT have a sound distinct enough to call their own.
Mostly pumping uptempo as good AOR should be, all songs are really well written & performed, and Passaro has the right voice for these memorable anthems.

”Gravity” may be an indie production, but everything sounds clean & clear, well mixed & mastered.
FIRST LIGHT is a fantastic new melodic rock act, we hope they stay together and deliver more quality primo AOR.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – Gravity
02 – This Is It
03 – Crossfire
04 – Rise and Fall
05 – How Do We Say Goodbye
06 – Revolution
07 – Hidden In The Heart
08 – Gravity (Reprise)

Dave Hardman – Guitar
Carl Sharples – Bass
Warren Passaro – Vocals
Andy Jakeman – Drums
Didge Digital (ex FM) – Keyboards, Synths



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  1. Neil Tudor says:

    this is a great find zero day….. quality stuff……… thank you

  2. zmjazzrock says:

    Thanks for this nice surprise.
    Really appreciated.
    Regards from Salto de Pirapora, SP.

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