MODESTY (Peter Ericson of ModX) – Pieces Of Modesty ’89 [CD version +4]


With the upcoming ModX album – the project of Swedish singer / songwriter Peter Ericson, it’s cool to revisit the LP from his ’80s band MODESTY. While Ericson is a music industry busy man and has been involved into many bands, MODESTY and their 1989’s album ”Pieces Of Modesty” was his major label release, a big success in Europe especially Scandinavia. If ”Pieces Of Modesty” wasn’t more known world-wide it’s only because CBS Records failed to properly promote the album in America.
MODESTY was Hi-Tech / Synth-Pop act with very commercial, late’80s radio ready material very well written, arranged & produced. AORsters Frank Ådahl & Bertil Edin were involved into the recording, so expect a pristine sound quality.

Lite AOR fans / collectors are aware of MODESTY as despite ”Pieces Of Modesty” poppy sound & style, overall the songs are much more melodic and elaborated than the regular products of this ilk. Think a feeling similar to Time Gallery, Fingerprints, Seven UK, etc, just poppier.
The original LP & cassette release featured 11 songs, this CD edition adds 4 extra tracks.
A Highly Recommended late ’80s album.


01 – Pieces of Modesty
02 – I Call for You
03 – Don’t Forget Me
04 – Standing Alone
05 – Big Beat
06 – Call Me Up
07 – Say a Prayer
08 – Too Late
09 – Time for You and I
10 – One More Broken Heart
11 – Don’t Leave Until…
CD extra tracks:
12 – Miranda
13 – I Call For You (The Ménage À Trois Mix)
14 – Don’t Forget Me (The Unforgettable Deprivation Mix)
15 – Too Late (The Better Late Than Never Mix)

Vocals, Keyboards, Bass – Peter Ericson
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Pelle Nylén
Percussion, Drums – Kim Sundström
Backing Vocals – Frank Ådahl, Madde Berg, Åsa Meczynski
Frank Ådahl, Bertil Edin – mix, musical direction


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