PETRA – Unseen Power [2023 Girder/Curb/Word Remaster] HQ *Exclusive*

PETRA - Unseen Power [2023 Girder/Curb/Word Remaster] HQ *Exclusive* - full

Girder Music and Word/Curb Records presents an exciting collaboration, for the first time a remastered CD of iconic PETRA album “Unseen Power”. Meticulously remastered by esteemed audio engineer Rob Colwell, the release is accompanied by a limited edition collector card.
The sound quality obtained is awesome: the album’s original 1991 production was excellent, which helped to bring a potent, crisp sonic output to die for, now with defined bass presence and clean vocals / harmonies.
Produced by melodic rock magicians Dino & John Elefante and with the great Neil Kernon mixing, “Unseen Power” sound even more AOR, including midtempo tunes, glossy ballads and sharp rockers.
This is a Limited Edition remaster. If you think think the CD will be around for some time and you can pick these up later, better grab this asap as it’s already almost sold out.

Released in 1991 on Dayspring Records, ”Unseen Power” is the thirteenth studio album by Petra. It won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album in 1992, and a Dove Award for Rock Recording Song for “Destiny.” Other popular songs are the rhythmic “Dance,” with music composed by John Elefante, and the rocking “Ready, Willing, and Able.”
Following the succcess of previous CD ‘Beyond Belief’, “Unseen Power” showcases Petra at the height of their creative prowess, delivering a collection of anthems that will captivate listeners and put them in the industry mainstream.
From the moment you press play, you’ll be swept away by the electrifying melodic guitar riffs, big drums, and soaring vocals that define Petra’s signature sound for years to come.

The album opens with the electrifying “Destiny,” a high-energy melodic hard rock anthem that sets the tone for what’s to come. As you delve further into the album, you’ll encounter a diverse range of tracks that showcase Petra’s musical versatility. From the infectious hooks of “Dance” to the melodic rock ballad “I Need To Hear From You,” each song carries a unique energy that will have you singing along and moving to the rhythm.
With its bright production, ”Ready, Willing, and Able” almost sounds like FireHouse song, the midpaced ‘I Need to Hear from You’ is almost AOR, then ‘Secret Weapon’ blast-rock again like Slaughter.

With its masterful production and exceptional musicianship, “Unseen Power” is a testament to Petra’s enduring legacy as one of the most influential bands in Christian rock history. This album is a true US melodic hard rock gem that will stand the test of time, continuing to inspire and resonate with listeners for generations to come.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Destiny
02 – Who’s on the Lord’s Side
03 – Ready, Willing, and Able
04 – Hand on My Heart
05 – I Need to Hear from You
06 – Dance
07 – Secret Weapon
08 – Sight Unseen
09 – Hey World
10 – In the Likeness of You

Bob Hartman – guitars, arrangements
John Schlitt – vocals
John Lawry – keyboards, arrangements
Ronny Cates – bass
Louie Weaver – drums
Tony Palacios, Rob Rock, Jamie Rowe – backing vocals



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