THE BLACK SKELETON – The Rear View (2023)

THE BLACK SKELETON - The Rear View (2023) - full

Quinn Gardener-Kane is best known as the charismatic singer of Australian funk/hard rock band, DEFRYME. Since four years ago Quinn started his new side project THE BLACK SKELETON where the vocalist / songwriter takes his influences into a varied cocktail of classic rock n’ roll.
THE BLACK SKELETON first full length album ‘The Rear View‘ is a raw and energetic collection of tracks masterminded by Gardener-Kane who play various instruments but also being helped by some of Australia’s most accomplished musicians to assist in the final recordings, and form the live band to showcase these kick ass songs.
Song-wise, Quinn combines elements of 80s rock&pop, stadium rock, and gritty edginess. The album opens with the explosive track “Raiser”, a sexually charged and relentless journey into rock n’ roll mayhem, a tune with some THE CULT on it. Next, “Swear” embodies the essence of the album, hitting hard with its powerful and catchy hooks. Meanwhile, “The Snake” promises pure fun, a dirty melodic rock anthem with tons of sleazy swagger.

Taking a daring step into new territory “The Rabbit Hole” exudes a distinct energy, captivating listeners with its honest and unconventional approach mixing Nineties David Lee Roth with a bit of Enuff Z’Nuff . “Killfingers” pays homage to a beloved movie while delivering a cold and slow rock touch.
The title track, “The Rear View”, is an empowering reminder to leave the past behind and embrace one’s true self, headed toward a brighter future, musically midpaced / melodic with clean guitars and atmospheres.

“Jaded Ways” offers a fresh perspective on relationships, encouraging listeners to find happiness by moving on, via some kind of hypnotic melody which somehow reminds us Donnie Vie solo. “Sakura” is instrumental, a curious choice as the song clearly had lyrics but Quinn opted to replace them with guitar. It works very well, showcasing a solid set of riffs and soloing.

With The Black Skeleton and “The Rear View” Quinn Gardener-Kane demonstrates to be a complete artist unafraid to blend his varied influences creating an entertaining set of tracks. At places his voice brings to mind David Lee Roth solo, at others is very melodic fitting the essence of the song. There’s competent musicians completing the package, and a pretty stripped production with all instruments coming out without tricks, straight from the amp.
Highly Recommended


01 – Raiser
02 – Swear
03 – The Rabbit Hole
04 – Killfingers
05 – The Snake
06 – The Rear View
07 – Puppy Run
08 – Jaded Ways
09 – Sakura
10 – Change ’23
11 – The Ledge


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