AMALGAMA – Back to the 80s (2023)

AMALGAMA - Back to the 80s (2023) - full

We can’t resist to check out a new rock album titled “Back to the 80s“… and with that cover art featuring a DeLorean. This is the new album from multi-national (European) band AMALGAMA, including ex members of Dutch wonders DELAIN.
AMALGAMA is a latin word meaning ‘mixture or blend of metals’ but also ‘people or things of different origin or nature’, and this is a proper name for this combo. The band has released 4 studio albums and numerous singles, opened shows for almighty JUDAS PRIEST, and upported the likes of U.D.O., BLIND GUARDIAN, W.A.S.P., URIAH HEEP, AIRBOURNE and many more, plus slots in such well-known events as Masters Of Rock, MetalFest, RockCastle, etc.
So we have here a bunch of professionals who know exactly what they’re doing; classic, commercial melodic hard / metal with a timeless style & sound. On this new album particularly influenced by the ’80s fashion.

Well written, performed and produced, “Back to the 80s” is an enjoyable collection of melodic songs, plenty of cool riffs, clean vocals and an overall good-time feeling.
AMALGAMA is a very interesting band because while they play a well established style and keep faithful to the flourishes of the genre, they have a quite own sound.
Highly Recommended


01 – Back to the 80s
02 – Rocky Man
03 – Eye of the Storm
04 – Rat Race
05 – In the Middle of Nowhere
06 – Save Me
07 – Your Light
08 – First Time


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