EMIL SIGFRIDSSON – Back To Yesterday (2023)

EMIL SIGFRIDSSON - Back To Yesterday (2023) - full

Swedish musician / songwriter EMIL SIGFRIDSSON is well known in Scandinavia as producer of musicals such as Dracula, Peter Pan, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rock of Ages, We Will Rock You and most recently The Phantom of the Opera. However his true love is being a performer. In the early 2000’s Emil participated on the TV show Fame Factory, in 2003 released his debut album which sold gold and also topped the local chart, toured Europe and got a slot in the renowned Melodifestivalen.
Since then Emil recorded another album and collaborated with other artists / bands but mostly concentrated in producing musicals… until now. While he born in 1980 and was a child during the decade, the musical culture of the time impregnated his soul forever.

So 2023 sees EMIL SIGFRIDSSON releasing the new album ”Back To Yesterday“. It’s quite easy to guess the music inside this CD: look at the cover art, the album’s title, the songs like ‘We’re Gonna Rock Tonight’, ‘Can I Run Away’, ‘Rockstar Passion’, ‘Dancing With An Angel’… this is pure ’80s influenced.
Emil takes the metrics of Survivor, Foreigner, Preview, etc, and puts his own Scandi melodic rock stamp on it to create a sweet collection of melodies and catchy tunes.
Fans of the genre rejoice.
Highly Recommended


01 – We’re Gonna Rock Tonight
02 – My Life
03 – Be Gentle
04 – Can I Run Away
05 – The Edge of Glory
06 – New Horizon
07 – Spanish Lullaby
08 – Raindrops
09 – Hold On
10 – Rockstar Passion
11 – Dancing With An Angel
12 – Maybe I’ll Se You Again


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  1. Neil Tudor says:

    what a great album…. very “Survivor” ..not really Foreigner…. a touch of Pride Of Lions ” too but better sounding vocals and lyrics not quite as pompous as Peteriks…thank goodness
    really great authentic 80s sounding production….not “brick walled ” but spacious.
    highly recommend

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