Martin Simson’s DESTROYER OF DEATH (feat Jørn & Rob Rock) – Eternal Reign (2023) *HQ*

Martin Simson's DESTROYER OF DEATH (feat Jørn & Rob Rock) - Eternal Reign (2023) *HQ* - full

Sometimes a coach has a one-of-a-kind talent and it’s up to them to use them right. Like a game of chess, it’s up to the play caller to put that talent in the right place at the right time to maximize and best utilize that ability. Thus it is with Martin Simson’s DESTROYER OF DEATH upcoming album “Eternal Reign“.
Simson is a longtime heavy metal fan and bass player, who began writing music and lyrics in 2020, some of which caught the attention of guitar legend Swede CJ Grimmark (Narnia, Saviour Machine, Rob Rock) and both started writing songs for this project.
This record utilizes the awesome vocal talents of Rob Rock & Jørn Lande and gives them the freedom to cut loose and be themselves. Add to that apowerful melodic metal songwriting, great musicians and a huge production (mix & mastering are terrific as well) and we have a winner.

From the perfectly placed lead-off track with the long mood-setting intro “Holy Ground,” this full-length album has exceeded the promise of that first single released over a year ago.
This is unadulterated metal and it’s amazing, melodic and downright perfect. Power chords are certainly a mainstay of the genre. Power chords – open, breathing and tightly played power chords, and sustained loveliness. Maximum, juicy rhythm. The drums are giant, muscular foundations thanks to Anders Köllerfors and Anders Johansson. Then project founder Martin Simson bass is splendid throughout. The rhythm section are so tight it’s ridiculous.

Every song features big dynamics and thus could be called epic, because the songs breathe, swell, and crash like sonic waves. The one song that perhaps stands out in the epic department more than the rest is “Dragon Defeated,” which features some great symphonic metal keyboards that underlie hypnotic and tight guitar chords.
Rex Carroll (Whitecross) makes a guest appearance on “Rapture,” which features dueling guitar solos with Rex and CJ Grimmark. It’s set up nice with several licks and fun to listen to.

The great part about any of these songs is they stand on their own so well. Martin Simson could have kept with this single release timing for another year or two (if he wanted to torture us). Having this collection together at one time is a blessing that underscores the longstaying power of the full-length album.
“Glory to the King” starts off like a recent Stryper tune, with killer, sharp guitars that turn into loud leads on top. “Let all creation sing” is sung out first by Rob’s impressive vocals and then seemingly by Grimmark’s guitar leads. This stuff shreds but has hooks galore, too.

The extended version of “Master of All” includes a cool, smooth guitar-led bridge that’s really nice. That’s the most obvious difference between it and the regular version also included here. It almost pops more, as if you were listening to it on your friend’s far-superior-to-yours stereo. It almost sounds faster (which it’s not) or crisper, most likely due to the remix. Jørn Lande’s vocals here stand out equally alongside Rob Rock’s on the rest of the album.

This album has the commercial appeal and sonic toughness to bring metalheads to their knees. Get this album asap and remember it when you vote for your favorite of 2023.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Holy Ground
02 – Eternal Reign
03 – Master of All (Extended Version)
04 – Rapture
05 – Never Surrender
06 – Dragon Defeated
07 – War Within
08 – Destroyer of Death
09 – Glory to the King
10 – Master of All

Rob Rock: Lead and backing vocals
Jørn Lande: Lead and backing vocals (Master of All)
CJ Grimmark: guitars, keyboards and backing vocals
Anders Köllerfors: Drums
Anders Johansson: Drums (Master of All)
Rex Carroll: Intro and dueling guitar solos on ‘Rapture’
Martin Simson: Bass


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