DORO – Conqueress Forever Strong And Proud (2023)

DORO - Conqueress Forever Strong And Proud (2023) - full

Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud” is the upcoming DORO new album and the result of intensive, hard work that took the metal singer / songwriter back to the studios of Miami, New York and Hamburg, among others.
The record sports a modern sound production, and musically of course we find a tour-de-force of melodic metal and high-octane hard rock. “Conqueress – Forever Strong and Proud” maintains the high standards set on previous album Forever Warriors, Forever United, while also adding more diversity to Doro’s songwriting sensibilities.
At it’s heart, Conqueress – Forever Strong and Proud is a big, bold heavy metal record, with songs like epic opener ´Children Of The Dawn´, the gritty ´I Will Prevail´ and fiery first single ´Time For Justice´ offering gleaming updates of Doro’s trademark sound. Oh, and there’s a duet with legend Rob Halford on ‘Living After Midnight’.
You know what to expect in a Doro album; you won’t be surprised but not disappointed.


01 – Children of the Dawn
02 – Fire in the Sky
03 – Living After Midnight (duet with Rob Halford)
04 – All For You
05 – Lean Mean Rock Machine
06 – I will Prevail
07 – Bond Unending
08 – Time for Justice
09 – Fels in der Brandung
10 – Love Breaks Chains
11 – Drive Me Wild
12 – Rise
13 – Best In Me
14 – Heavenly Creatures
15 – Total Eclipse of the Heart (ft. Rob Halford)


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