CoreLeoni – Alive (2023)

CoreLeoni - Alive (2023) - full

Gotthard founder and guitarist Leo Leoni and his side-band CoreLeoni present their first live album to their fans. The songs on ”Alive” were recorded in March 2022 as part of the Rock Generation Tour 2022.
”Alive” is the pure rock ‘n’ roll quintessence which combines many of the early Gotthard and current CoreLeoni hits, such as “Standing in The Light,” “Firedance,” “Purple Dynamite,” “Let Life Begin Tonight,” and many more. The band delivers 100% energy and experience onstage. Singer Gent Bushpepa knows how to win over the audience with his unique personality, skills, and technique, respectfully interpreting the songs we all love.

Jgor Gianola, former U.D.O and Gotthard guitarist, has turned back time to perfectly adapt to Leo and Gotthard‘s unique style. He combines unforgettable memories, musical expertise, and sounds that will delight both old and new fans. Drummer Alex Motta and bassist Mila Merker complete the CoreLeoni sound with unbeatable groove and energy, keeping the band’s engine running in a powerful way.
After three internationally acclaimed studio albums, ”Alive” is the icing on the cake for all those who love early Gotthard and the classic CoreLeoni sound.
Highly Recommended


01 – Il Padrino (Live 2022)
02 – Higher (Live 2022)
03 – Standing In The Light (Live 2022)
04 – Downtown (Live 2022)
05 – Fist In Your Face (Live 2022)
06 – Let Life Begin Tonight (Live 2022)
07 – Purple Dynamite (Live 2022)
08 – All I Care For (Live 2022)
09 – Angel (Live 2022)
10 – Firedance (Live 2022)
11 – Mountain Mama (Live 2022)
12 – Sister Moon (Live 2022)
13 – All We Are (Live 2022)
14 – Here Comes The Heat (Live 2022)

Eugent Bushpepa – lead vocals
Leo Leoni – guitars
Jgor Gianola – guitars
Mila Merker – bass
Alex Motta – drums


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