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FIREWIND - Stand United (2024) - full

FIREWIND, the band around ex Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. and vocalist Herbie Langhans (formerly Avantasia) will spread their message of ‘Stand United’ all over Europe in spring 2024. Combined with Masterplan they will play a big co-headliner tour, among Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and many other countries.
Stand United‘ will be released on March 1st, 2024, and sees the band sounding more tight than ever, with focused melodic songs plenty of sharp riffs & solos plus clean powerful vocals / choruses.
In a world where crossover and genre-fusion is common place, there’s something comforting to know pressing play – or dropping the needle – on certain bands is going to give you exactly what you’re looking for. ‘Stand United’ is well crafted melodic metal that fans of Jorn, Masterplan, Avantasia, Iron Maiden, etc, will dig at first listen.

So, if you’re the kind of person who can’t get enough of that good classic European Metal sound, then Firewind have got you covered with ‘Stand United’. The band aren’t looking to be reinventing wheels on this one and, although opener ‘Salvation Day’ begins with an Eighties-style synth beat, it quickly transforms into a melee of spiralling guitars and rock-solid rhythm work.

Those syths make appearances throughout the forty-five-minute runtime, mostly in a supplemental capacity, but being brought to the fore alongside the choppy Metal riffs and gang vocal chorus of ‘Come Undone’.
Title track ‘Stand United’ sees Firewind adopting a heavier stance, ushered in by rapid-fire riffing from Gus G and huge drum strikes from Jo Nunez. ‘Destiny is Calling’ continues the album’s heavy-hitting, as does the driving, modern sounding – though unmistakably classic metal influenced – ‘Fallen Angel’.

‘Land of Chaos’ completes Stand United’s big sounding and somewhat anachronistic suite, taking the listener back to the glory days of Heavy Metal and evoking pangs of days past. Mixing things up a little is ‘The Power Lies Within’, which finds the band getting about as dirty as the genre allows, through ripping guitar lines and a big message of positivity.
Alternatively, ‘Chains’ takes the album in a lighter tone, more widely accessible perhaps, but no less sweeping or crunching. Closer ‘Days of Grace’ reminds me of Ozzy’s Killer of Giants from The Ultimate Sin album, with its enticing acoustics and stirring balladic moments.

Rounding out the ten tunes on offer is a cover of The Romantics’ ‘Talking in Your Sleep’, and even though it’s given a metallic make over, it still maintains its Eighties pop-rock credentials to the end.

”Stand United” is Firewind at their best; although not strictly a concept album, it is thematically about the need for closer unity across the board. To deliver this, the band have collated a ten-song manifesto of chest-beating, fist-pumping anthems, and singalong choruses.
Vocalist Herbie Langhans’ voice is peerless here, with the former Avantasia crooner delivering a broad-ranged performance, hitting highs and sinking to gruff lows as the music takes him. Production is crystal clear, representing every one of Gus G’s notes with a crystal clarity.
Highly Recommended


01 – Salvation Day
02 – Stand United
03 – Destiny Is Calling
04 – The Power Lies Within
05 – Come Undone
06 – Fallen Angel
07 – Chains
08 – Land Of Chaos
09 – Talking In Your Sleep
10 – Days Of Grace

Herbie Langhans (vocals)
Gus G. (guitar, keys)
Petros Christo (bass, vocals)
Jo Nunez (drums)


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