YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – Spellbound Live In Tampa [Japan-only release] (2014/2021)

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Spellbound Live In Tampa [Japan-only release] (2014/2021) - full

As requested, here’s YNGWIE MALMSTEEN’s Rising Force album “Spellbound Live In Tampa“, a double disc only released in Japan in 2014 on SHM-CD, and recently reissued (also Japan) 2021 as part of the ‘Metal Frontier Archive Collection’ series.
Few metal fans noticed about the release of “Spellbound Live In Tampa” – not only for the lack of interest after the disappointing 2012 studio album ‘Spellbound’, but due this double-disc only was released in Japan, not easy to get as import.
Well, let me tell you “Spellbound Live In Tampa” rocks greatly. Yngwie may be obsessed with perform everything into his studio recordings (wrong choice in our opinion), but in the live environment, with a capable band like the one featured here, the Swede kills.

Most the lead vocals on “Spellbound Live In Tampa” are performed by Malmsteen’s long time keyboardist Nick Marino – he possess a similar range to former vocalist Joe Lynn Turner, albeit a little rougher around the edges – and that’s a good thing. And impressive drummer Patrick Johansson delivers some amazing drumming and cymbal work, and is quite possibly the most technical drummer to play alongside Malmsteen. His technical prowess on this performance has given many of Malmsteen’s old classics a much needed jolt of technicality in keeping up with Malmsteen’s immense virtuosity.

‘Spellbound: Live in Tampa’ serves a great variety of tracks from Malmsteen’s early years with Rising Force, classic ballads like “Heaven Tonight” and “Dreaming” make an appearance, various acoustics and neo-classical shreds, and the now essential, “Arpeggios from Hell” and “Spellbound”, staples in Malmsteen’s discography which have become bragging rights to many when sharing videos of him on the internet.

The album has constant motion which rarely gives up steam. The entire live performance doesn’t waste any time, doing away with things like idle chitchat or spontaneous solos during breaks. Because let’s face it, Malmsteen will no doubt acknowledge the entire show is always one spontaneous solo.
The album sticks to the meat and veg route and flows quite nicely.

Would we recommend “Spellbound Live In Tampa” to anyone? Yes, definitely. If you’re the all-time Malmsteen fan, this is a must have. However, for everyone else, it’s a good live album and a great retrospect into Malmsteen’s life of work.
Highly Recommended


K I N G  R E C O R D S JAPAN 【KICP~3351】

Disc 1
01 – Rising Force
02 – Spellbound
03 – Demon Driver
04 – Repent
05 – Overture
06 – From A Thousand Cuts
07 – Arpeggios From Hell
08 – Crown Of Thorns
09 – Badinerie
10 – Concerto #4
11 – Adagio
12 – Far Beyond The Sun
13 – Acoustic Paraphrase
14 – Dreaming (Tell Me)
15 – Gates Of Babylon
16 – Into Valhalla

Disc 2
01 – Rise Up
02 – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
03 – Red Devil
04 – Cadenza #1
05 – Trilogy Suite
06 – Krakatau
07 – Cadenza #2
08 – Blue
09 – Fugue
10 – Cadenza #3 / Finale
11 – Heaven Tonight
12 – Acoustic Cadenza
13 – Black Star
14 – I’ll See The Light Tonight

Vocals, Keyboards – Nick Marino
Bass, Vocals – Ralph Ciavolino
Drums – Patrick Johansson
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Yngwie J. Malmsteen



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