HAUNT – Dreamers (2024)

HAUNT - Dreamers (2024) - full

Old school metal band from Fresno, California, known as HAUNT has been releasing their albums every year since 2018, and each show their evolution and prowess. The band’s latest effort, entitled ”Dreamers”, will be released in April 2024, for the first time distributed world-wide.
And these guys deserve major exposure for sure. Haunt’s music, and ”Dreamers”, aren’t just a re-harsh from the metal / hard rock classic age, just an influence and with a real own spin on it.
Haunt is old-fashioned even as when the LP’s had a running time of half hour. ”Dreamers” whistles by at a rate of knots and at just 32 minutes it certainly feels compact. Old-fashioned metal, however th sound / quality is modern, up-to-date.
Each track bursts with a youthful energy and conviction which is something we find sorely lacking in some current classic metal acts.

Haunt always had that vintage retro quality of their album cover art and ”Dreamers” isn’t an exception. Musically this album is rocking full throttle driven by wild guitar riffs, melodic vocals and fast drumming, which carry this joyride towards the burning highway.
This new album combine the band’s US metal & NWoBHM influences, but this time adds a touch of hard rock groove here and there, inclusive a pinch of classic thrash guitar work on a couple of songs.
The catchiness is still there, as well as the ’80s melodies. As proof, Haunt does a cover of the 1983’s Real Life classic single ‘Send Me An Angel’. Metalized of course!

These guys never disappoint. ”Dreamers” kicks, bites, entertain, and provides a feel-good time – 30 minutes of its. And rocks!
Haunt have a European tour in March 2024, followed by a USA tour in August 2024. Catch ’em live, the are hot.
Highly Recommended


01 – Serenade
02 – Locked Out
03 – Steel Mountains
04 – Return To Sender
05 – Send Me An Angel
06 – Dreamers
07 – One Chance
08 – Visions

Trevor William Church – vocals, guitar, bass
Andres Alejandro Saldate – Drums
Andy Lei – Lead Guitars
Sammy Harman – Bass


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