RAVENSTINE – ”2024” (2024) *HQ*

RAVENSTINE - ''2024'' (2024) *HQ* - full

RAVENSTINE surprised last year with their more than solid debut album, and now with new record properly titled “2024” the band go one step further and present themselves musically even more mature and cohesive than before. This time, bass player John A.B.C. Smith (God’S Army) took over the main duties as composer, but all the band members contributed to the big picture.
RAVENSTINE have remained true to their own style: traditional hard rock with lots of melody, at places bordering melodic rock, some kind of Jorn meets Jaded Heart. Lead singer Zanil Tataj gives a righteous vocal performance that blends heavy rock and a Tobias Sammet-esque sensitivity. That instills ”2024” with a certain commercial feel that’s replicated in the polished production.
Whether it’s the groovy riffs and keys in “Easy Come Easy Go” or the 80s rock guitar in “Killing Spree,” Ravenstine is always more interested in rockin’ and rollin’ than being aggressive, even veering towards Journey territory in “In the Light.”

Ravenstine’s greatest strengths are catchy choruses, groovy melodies, and an outstanding lead vocalist, and when they lean into those strengths, ”2024” kicks ass. I’m a real sucker for well-done climactic choruses, and when the guitar solo drops and silence accompanies Tataj belting out the chorus in “Fly Eagle Fly,” or when he goes buck wild on the final chorus of “A Long Way Home”, I feel like I’m in the stratosphere.
Tataj brings so much power to ”2024”, and while the musicianship supporting him is more focused on efficiency rather than flashy indulgences, it gets the job done perfectly well.

Mystic Prophecy’s Hanno Kerstan keeps the drums at a clockwork head-nodding pace, and the guitars comfortably riff away with just enough gusto to never get lost in the noise. Look to “Easy Come Easy Go” for Ravenstine firing on all cylinders: a simple, effective acoustic intro, launched into an infectious dance between electric guitars and backing synths, followed by a heartfelt chorus that demands to be sung along to.
Fans of Metal ballads will also rejoice: while “Signs By The Roadside” thrives on it’s atmosphere, “When I’m Dead And Gone” comes along with a chorus that makes the listener hold up a lighter and move it from left to right.

”2024” got all the heart it needs to deserve a recommendation, and at 39 minutes (45 if you count the live bonus track) it’s an easy listen that moves at a real clip. Quite frankly this album is worth your time for the lead vocals alone, but there’s enough to like besides: melody, strong choruses, clean bright production, and more.
Highly Recommended


1 – Black Is The Brightest Color
2 – Easy Come Easy Go
3 – Fly Eagle Fly
4 – Signs By The Roadside
5 – In The Light
6 – A Long Way Home
7 – Killing Spree
8 – When I’m Dead And Gone
9 – Freedom Day (Bonus Track, Live Version)

Zak Tataji (BLACK DIAMOND) – Vocals
Martin Sosna – Guitars, Vocals
John A.B.C. Smith (GOD’S ARMY) – Bass, Vocals
Ian O’Sullivan (GOD’S ARMY) – Guitars, Vocals
Hanno Kerstan (MYSTIC PROPHECY) – Drums


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