NOBODY’S FOOL – Time (2024)

NOBODY'S FOOL - Time (2024) - full

Emerging from Sydney’s underground music scene in 2002, NOBODY’S FOOL have been producing unapologetically classic hard rock fueled by adrenaline and raw energy for the better part of 20 years now.
The band has released three studio albums to date and now are presenting thier new CD titled “Time“. This largely unknown homegrown product of the huge and broad Hard n’ Heavy scene from Down Under has the groove in its blood.
There’s an early ’90s American feel from the genre in the vein of KIX, Roxx Gang, LA Guns, early Skid Row, but also some Scandinavian influences akin Crazy Lixx and Shotgun Messiah. NOBODY’S FOOL (their name was inspired by Cinderella’s famous album) sound is a molten blend of power chords, blistering guitar solos, soul-shaking vocals and whisky-soaked lyrics, garnished with rebellion.

The opening track ‘Cherrie’ will take the listener back to the early 90s when the hair metal scene was transitioning over to a more abrasive ‘street metal’ hard rock sound prior to the onset of grunge – instrumentally reminiscent of artists like Dangerous Toys, LA Guns, Shotgun Messiah (“Second Coming” album, specifically), etc.
‘So Wrong’ is like hair metal ‘Snake mixed with Sweet and Ratt. This spirit continues with tracks like ‘Time,’ ‘Call it Love,’ and ‘On the Road.’ At different points in the album I was reminded of the early 90s supergroup Heavy Bones (less polished and rawer) – and others reminded me of some Lillian Axe.

On a song like ‘One More Lie’ is where NOBODY’S FOOL delivers a more contemporary Scandinavian feeling, similar to the first Crazy Lixx.
‘Cry For Me’ is the obligatory acoustic-led power ballad including a couple of excellent guitar solos and a genius bass line. ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ is a stand out for me with the intricate drum patterns and the ‘made for the stage’ chorus.

NOBODY’S FOOL new CD “Time” is high-quality rock and roll… it may not be earth-shatteringly new, but they convey skill, energy and enjoyment on every track and beat a lot of their contemporaries into pulp.
And that’s thanks to the energetic production – I mean, this is classic hard rock, and while many bands try to polish things with pro-tools, NOBODY’S FOOL keep things raw, in your face, with straight from the amp crunchy guitars.
Highly Recommended


01 – Cherie
02 – So Wrong
03 – Time
04 – Eye for an Eye
05 – Call It Love
06 – One More Lie
07 – Cry for Me
08 – Free
09 – On the Road
10 – Smoke and Mirrors

Milosz Wozniak – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Willy Garni – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Marcus – Guitar, Vocals
Steve – Drums



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