TASTE (Swe) – Taste [AOR Heaven release] *HQ*

TASTE (Swe) - Taste [AOR Heaven release] *HQ* Out Of Print - full

Brothers Christopher and Felix Borg (both ex ART NATION) are the core force behind TASTE, a Swedish AOR band from Stenungsund. They guys released by themselves their self-titled album in 2012 back in the day featured in exclusive at 0dayrox.
Due the positive response, AOR Heaven Records made a deal and released “Taste” world-wide. As requested, here’s that CD pressing.
Actually, Taste was founded some years earlier when the bros. decided to write their own songs absolutely influenced by the ’80s sound. It’s funny, but when this type of music was in its apogee they were merely kids.
Their music is pure mid-Eighties AOR in all aspects: songwriting, style & sound. Think FM debut ‘Indiscreet’ with tons of keyboards and that commercial approach, mixed with the Scandinavian wave of the genre from the same period.

After the instrumental intro “Back to the Future” (being the title a true statement of things to come), “Our Dreams” bring us a soaring FM-like melody that seems composed in 1986. Fine lead vocals by Christoffer who also plays guitar in a very John Norum style yet not that shredding, particularly with his ‘Final Countdown’ amp sound.
Felix plays real drums ans electronic, bass, and does really good backing vocals.

“Cry for Love” has a midtempo pace in the Shy mould but much more melodious, followed by the melodic rock of “Don’t Give Up”, reminiscent of their contemporary countryman Houston.
“Stay” and “Danger Games” has the Strangeways (UK) sound imprinted all over, both being among the most complete tracks on offer here, while “Fallen Angel” is the ‘American style’ tune of the disc, and a good one.
Taste are also able to deliver ballads being “My Rose” quite Europe influenced, and “The One” a bit more uptempo, melodious and consistent.

Despite from being obviously recorded with pro-tools by themselves, Taste’s debut sounds much better than many ‘big label’ releases.
But that’s not the point here. The fact is these two young brothers have composed, performed and recorded a fantastic bunch of pure ’80s AOR tunes with class and style – a style absolutely planted in the glorious decade.
With AOR Heaven out of business, this CD has become pretty hard to find.
Highly Recommended


01 – Back to the Future (intro)
02 – Our Dreams
03 – Cry for Love
04 – Don’t Give Up
05 – Stay
06 – My Rose
07 – Danger Games
08 – Doesn’t Feel Like Love
09 – In My Arms (Tonight)
10 – The One
11 – Fallen Angel

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards: Christoffer Borg
Drums, Bass, Keyboards: Felix Borg


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