BAND OF BROTHERS (SE) – Band Of Brothers (2022 reissue)

BAND OF BROTHERS (SE) - Band Of Brothers (2022 reissue) - full

Few days ago we featured here the last, third album from Swedes BAND OF BROTHERS. Well, their debut album, 2015’s ”Band Of Brothers” has been reissued 2022 (with new artwork featuring the band’s new logo), so here’s our original review:

After listening the self-titled debut from this new band from Sweden, I am shocked that BAND OF BROTHERS (SE) are virtually not mentioned on the internet, even rarest nor in specialized magazines. Well, read carefully, as these guys are one of the greatest, pleasant discoveries by this website in many months.

It took almost ten years for Band Of Brothers to see this debut album recorded.
All started out as a songwriting experiment between brothers bass player Ulf Nilsson and singer Christer Nilsson, with some 20 plus demos sent back and forth from Ulf’s home in Gothenburg and Christer’s home in the small mid-Swedish town of Ljusdal. Soon guitar player & producer Jocke Nilsson got involved, improving the songs and adding exquisite guitar work. When drummer Tobbe Jonsson joined the ranks, the pre-production phase ended and the actual album was recorded 2015.
And what Band Of Brothers debut album is all about?
Melodic Rock / Hard / Classic Rock of all time but made with a sense of melody, fun, freshness and quality not easily seen on novel acts.

Take the best of Mike Slammer’s City Boy, the catchiness of Canadians Adrenalin and modern day Loverboy, a pinch of The Poodles and some of the bluesy melodic hard rock of Burning Rain / Night Ranger and you pretty much have the sound of ”Band Of Brothers”, the album.
All wrapped by superb choruses, smooth harmony vocals, slick guitar riffs, a pumping, bouncy rhythm section and… production… yes, production is one of the brightest, cleanest, melodius I’ve heard in many moons in this time of digital pro-tools fast cookin’.

Seriously, all these 10 tracks sound marvelous, warm, like an ’80s good production. And the songs… are superb slices of golden crafted Melodic Rock.
The first 4 are perfect, starting with “Day Job”, the awesome “Digital Ghost” (this one deserve #1 in Melodic Rock radio this Summer!), the breezy mid-tempo “Turn Back Time” (with some AOR waves on it), and the ultra-catchy “Rush” are to die for.
The rest of the material is strong as well, including the solid ballad “Crystal Ball”, the fun “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of” (grab that chorus akin Night Ranger!), the moving rocker “Life In The City”, and the jumpin’ “Home (Airport Blues)”.

You gotta something to do to enjoy this Summer together with your beloved friends: go and buy BAND OF BROTHERS’ debut. Believe me, you won’t regret it, simply put, his is one of the best debuts we heard in recent time.
As Kerrang magazine used to write in the ’80s: Buy Or Die!


01 – Day Job
02 – Digital Ghost
03 – Turn Back Time
04 – Rush
05 – Crystal Ball
06 – The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
07 – Life In The City
08 – Days Of Independence
09 – Bend
10 – Home (Airport Blues)

Christer Nilsson – lead & backing vocals, guitar
Ulf Nilsson – bass, backing vocals
Jocke Nilsson – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Tobbe Jonsson – drums, backing vocals



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