TERRY CAROLAN – Inbalance ’88 & River Of Promises ’89 [Remastered] *Exclusive*

TERRY CAROLAN - Inbalance '88 & River Of Promises '89 [Remastered] - full

As requested, here’s TERRY CAROLAN solo recordings from the ’80s: ”Inbalance” (1988) and “River Of Promises” (1989), two-in-one, remastered by Carolan himself.
American singer/songwriter Terry Corolan made his start as a drummer in Florida in the 70s, before taking up guitar and songwriting and moving around the country in various bands before moving to Los Angeles with Just Boys in the late 70s before transforming to a new solo artist. He started his solo career by recording two separate EPs, one titled ‘Inbalance’ (1988) and the other ‘River Of Promises’ (1989).

Originally intended for Carolans’ first solo album, the recording of the songs spanned more than a year and they were eventually released as two EP’s; “Inbalance”, issued in 1988 and “River Of Promises” issued in 1989. The decision was partially driven by the extended time spent recording and the desire to get something released. But the extended time also made the two batches of songs different enough to seem less cohesive as an album, and more appropriate as two EP’s.
These songs highlights the more melodic rock side of Terry’s songwriting, with that classic second half of the ’80s sound & style.

As example, the track ‘Somethin’s Right’, from the 1988 EP “Inbalance”, rock with a melodic riff and Terry’s cool vocals. This song, co-written with Ralph Smith, made airplay in Europe and was released, in a remixed version, on The Album Network’s Unsigned Bands, Volume 7 compilation.

For more ’80 feeling check out the rollicking ‘Somethin’s Right’, a mix of Rick Springfield meets Blue Tears, the AORish midtempos ‘No Conscience’ and ‘Bad Breaks’, or the catchy ‘Souls Of Fire’.
While doing little to further Terry’s efforts in the States, the EP’s were well received in Europe, particularly England, Scotland, Belgium and Italy. Carolan later re-recorded most of these tracks for this current millennium, also featured here.
Highly Recommended

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From the 1988 EP; “Inbalance”:
01 – Somethin’s Right
02 – No Conscience
03 – Bad Breaks
04 – Throw Your Wings Away
From the 1989 EP “River Of Promises”:
05 – Souls Of Fire
06 – Hold On
07 – Ride Away
08 – Mountains
2001 versions:
09 – Somethin’s Right (2001 version)
10 – Hold On (2001 version)
11 – Throw Your Wings Away (2001 version)
12 – Ride Away (2001 version)
13 – Souls Of Fire (2001 version)
14 – Mountains (2001 version)

Vocals, Guitars – Terry Carolan
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Ralph Raymond
Bass, Backing Vocals – Mark Thorsell
Drums – Don Frank



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