FROZEN RAIN – Ahead Of Time (2012) *HQ*

FROZEN RAIN - Ahead Of Time (2012) *HQ* - full

After four years from their debut, Belgian Melodic Rock / AOR matadors FROZEN RAIN returned with a brand new album titled “Ahead Of Time“. In 2008 the dream of songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Kurt Vereecke became reality when the first album of his project / band was released. The very positive feedback of fans and reviewers alike paved the way for a follow-up of the successful first self-titled record.
Already early on, some changes for album number 2 were considered and eventually put into action. Thus all songs on the CD were recorded with a constant band line-up of six musicians. Besides Vereecke (keyboards, bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Jurgen Vitrier (keyboards) and Vincent De Laat (bass) were already on board for the debut album. Strengthening the line-up on “Ahead Of Time” are Rik Priem (lead & rhythm guitars) and Kurt’s brother Hans Vereecke (drums).
The position as the front man on the mic stand was occupied by one of the most distinctive German rock shouters, Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz (Evidence One, Paradise Inc., ex-Domain).

The band’s first album offered a very nice slice of Melodic Rock, although the production was on a budget. Well, “Ahead Of Time” blows out of the water the debut CD in all aspects. The sound & mix is big and crispy, with tons of sound layers.
And the music… this is pure Euro Melodic Rock / AOR of the best pedigree, anthemic, plenty of hooks, killer guitar riffs and lots, lots of keyboards!
Additionally, Carsten Schulz has recorded here one of his best vocal work ever. He sounds dynamic, full and convincing, increasing the impact of these already walloping tunes. We can’t pick a favorite, all are really, really catchy and worthy of note.

“Ahead Of Time” delivers one of the best collection of Melodic Rock songs from the past decade, packaged into one CD. I mean, on any album you expect to find two or three killer tracks, but here, all are good, interesting ear-candy.
Rik Priem’s complete guitar work has added a new dimension to the band and the decision to have Carsten as the sole lead vocalist on all songs (on the debut five singers shared lead vocals) resulted a tremendous gain for Frozen Rain. In addition, the whole musicianship is tighter and more powerful thanks to the consistent line-up of musicians that delivers a ‘real band’ feel on each cut.

This time the production is stellar, helped by the impeccable mix by Alessandro Del Vecchio and the expertise hands of Dennis Ward mastering the disc.
“Ahead Of Time” was among of the best AOR / Melodic Rock albums from 2012, and one of that year best overall.
Highly Recommended


01. Believe It Or Not
02. Forever
03. Breakin’ Out
04. We’re Gonna Rock
05. Too Late
06. Turn It On
07. Ahead Of Time
08. The Last Dance Ain’t Over
09. Not At Home
10. The Way That You
11. Voodoo Party

Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz: lead & backing vocals
Kurt Vereecke: keyboards, bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Vincent De Laat: bass
Rik Priem: rhythm & lead guitars, acoustic guitar
Hans Vereecke: drums
Jurgen Vitrier: keyboards
Chris Swinney: backing vocals on tracks 1 & 9 , voice on track 11

Mastered by Dennis Ward



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