FROZEN RAIN – One Mile From Heartsville (2023) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

FROZEN RAIN - One Mile From Heartsville (2023) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive* lossless - full

European melodic rock / AOR treasures FROZEN RAIN are finally back with their third album in 11 years, ”One Mile From Heartsville” to be released on Lions Pride Music November 3, 2023 – now featured in exclusive at 0dayrox.
Founded by keyboardist Kurt Vereecke the band self-titled debut album was released in 2008 and featured Kurt’s idols and key players in the melodic scene such as Tommy Denander, Steve Newman, and Daniel Flores. In 2012, the band released its second album, “Ahead Of Time” including an even more international lineup, including the strong vocals of talented Carsten Schulz.
Eleven years later… Kurt finally reactivated FROZEN RAIN and completed this third album “One Mile From Heartsville”, a collection of wonderfully keyboard-laced AOR, strong melodic guitars, and the smooth voice of Swede Lars Edvall, praised by Steve Lukather himself for his renditions of Toto songs on ‘Fanfields Tribute to Toto’.
Track #2 ‘Move On’ worth this CD alone: this is how last Journey album should have been. But all songs are awesome. Make no mistake; FROZEN RAIN’s ”One Mile From Heartsville” is one of the best AOR / Melodic Rock releases of the year!

Rooted in the purest AOR tradition, this album weaves together resplendent melodies and infectious singalong choruses. The infusion of new talents is evident, with guitarist Jens Ambrosch and vocalist Lars Edvall spearheading the sonic charge.
Lars’s versatility extends beyond his vocal prowess, as he crafts captivating compositions under the moniker “Beatlife”, enriching the album’s sonic tapestry.

A pivotal moment arises as Frozen Rain’s musical odyssey intersects with the legacy of Roy Nichol, the eminent drummer of April Wine, a Canadian institution renowned for chart topping hits like “Just Between You And Me”, “I Like To Rock” and “Roller”. The collaboration adds a dynamic layer to the album, resonating with both authenticity and innovation.
The roster of guest luminaries continues with Fran Alonso, guitarist of Spanish AOR ensemble Hackers and guitar maestro Roger Ljunggren (T’Bell, Niva), enhancing the album’s multifaceted sonic landscape.

Frozen Rain’s journey is an amalgamation of creative vision, global resonance and relentless pursuit of melodic excellence. The spirit of Journey, Mecca, Toto, Tommy Denander, Grand Illusion, etc is all over here…
Believe us, well worth the 11-year wait for Frozen Rain’s ”One Mile From Heartsville”. Kurt took the necessary time to select the best new songs, polish ’em to extreme, enlist the excellent musicians, and obtain a crystal clear production. It’s a pleasure listen to this album from start to finish.

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01 – One Mile from Heartsville
02 – Move On
03 – Fire
04 – She’s the One
05 – How Could I Know
06 – Let Me Love You
07 – One of These Mornings
08 – More Than a Friend
09 – What’s It Gonna Be
10 – Ready for Tonight
11 – That’s Why I’m Loving You
12 – The Waiting’s Over

Lars Edvall: Lead & Backing Vocals
Jens Ambrosch: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Jurgen Vitrier: Keys, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kurt Vereecke: Keys, Bass, Clean Guitar, Backing Vocals
Hans Vereecke: Drums

Guest musicians:
Drums: Roy Nichol, Daniel Trobell
Guitars: Fran Alonso, Roger Ljunggren, Morris Adriaens, Mats Nermark
Bass: Don Lecompte, Glenn Vandorpe
Backing Vocals: Josefine Wassler, Joke Vereecke


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