DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION – Celestial Songs (2023)

EYES (Jeff Scott Soto) - 24U [2-CD Set] Out Of Print - full

Side project, spinoff group, extracurricular association. There’s many ways to view a musician’s primary musical vehicle versus what else they do on the side. While DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION / DBA may have started as a fun project in which Geoff Downes and Chris Braide could indulge when not focused on their main bread-and-butter gigs, this Association has turned into something quite extraordinary in its own right.
Solidifying their sound with the consistent support of Dave Bainbridge on guitars, Ash Soan on drums and Andy Hodge on bass, DBA has crafted a unique sound all their own, melding the worlds of pop, prog and rock like few others are able to do. Even their visual identity has been established in the past three albums, thanks to the legendary Roger Dean cover art.
Downes has written numerous top hits with Asia, The Buggles, and more. Fortunately, the two have been developing DBA to feature their more ambitious visions, extending their hooks and catchy choruses into lengthy, elaborate pieces of artistry.
What new delights will 5th album “Celestial Songs” hold? A plenty…


01 – Look What You Do
02 – Clear Light
03 – Keep On Moving
04 – Darker Side Of Fame
05 – Hey Kid
06 – Will To Power
07 – Heart Shaped Hole
08 – Dear Petra
09 – On The Run
10 – Goodbye To You (Sister Shame)
11 – Beyond The Stars


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