GALAHAD – The Long Goodbye [CD version + bonus] (2023)

GALAHAD - The Long Goodbye [CD version + bonus] (2023) - full

There’s a strong opener with Behind The Veil Of A Smile, with an elegant intro of guitar and keys that leads you on a willing journey into superb prog infused rock. The song really takes off when you hear Stu Nicholson’s distinctive vocals, especially on the ever so cool chorus. There’s a brilliant keyboard solo that put a huge grin on my face and the song ends with a short but extremely satisfying solo guitar. The band’s creative abilities are still firing on all cylinders!
An electronica hue (I never thought I’d write those words about a Galahad release!) is all over the intro to Everything’s Changed, a more subdued piece of music than the opening song but one that is still full of the band’s signature sincerity, especially on the elegant vocals. There’s a world weary atmosphere to this nostalgic feeling song, it’s full of a wistful, almost melancholy, sentiment for the ages, mainly imbued by Dean’s contemplative keyboards, and blossoms superbly on another bewitchingly catchy chorus. It’s another stylish piece of music and the almost orchestrated ending is a touch of genius.

More echoing, dynamic keys dominate the extended opening to Shadow In The Corner before a punchy guitar enters the fray and adds some drive to the song. Stu’s slow burning vocals add a touch of mystery and suspense before a flowering chorus adds a catchiness. The song is almost melodic hard rock in nature, and a highlight.
Next follows the elephant in the room, the utterly brilliant, but totally left-field, The Righteous And The Damned. This epic piece of music really shouldn’t work but it does and brilliantly! It’s quite crazy, and surprising. Kudo to Galahad to try something new.

The final song on the album is the glorious, heartfelt and emotional journey that is The Long Goodbye, It’s a wondrous musical journey that tackles the ageing process and the difficult and tricky subject of early onset dementia with pathos and the poignancy that the band intended and it’s one you never want to end. There’s a serious feel to the song as it breaks out from the thoughtful, almost mournful, introduction, Stu’s vocals delivered with calm gravitas and the music slightly subdued but still delivered with feeling.
This beautifully constructed piece of music will, at times, bring a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye but it’s the breathtaking final six minutes that take it to a whole other level as Lee Abraham delivers some gorgeous guitar, including a sublime soaring solo, including a stunning orchestration.

This CD version adds two bonus tracks, Darker Days which harks back to the style of the first three tracks on the album, that high energy, dynamic sound with edgy guitars, pounding drums, forceful bass and compelling keyboards. Add in Stu’s charismatic vocals and another memorable chorus and it has everything you need: a powerful, rocking melodic song.
Open Water is another matter entirely, it’s a more sparse, sensitive and somewhat reflective track that has an almost ethereal quality with Stu’s laid back vocals, Lee’s exquisite guitar and the celestial piano and keys. Stu says it is probably the newest piece as it was written during lockdown and, to echo Stu’s sentiments, provides a relatively low key finish on the CD after all the bombast.

Last year Galahad released one of the best 2022 albums in ‘The Last Great Adventurer’ and, in a fast paced world that never stands still, the band haven’t rested on their laurels. They have returned with ‘The Long Goodbye’, another wondrous musical journey that mesmerises and bewitches from beginning to end, and even surprises in places.
Highly Recommended


01 – Behind the Veil of a Smile
02 – Everything’s Changed
03 – Shadow in the Corner
04 – The Righteous and the Damned
05 – The Long Goodbye
CD version Bonus tracks:
06 – Darker Days
07 – Open Water

Stu Nicholson (vocals)
Dean Baker (keyboards)
Spencer Luckman (drums)
Lee Abraham (guitars)
Mark Spencer (bass)


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