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Since Pretty Maids’ hard rock singer/songwriter RONNIE ATKINS was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in 2019, he has not lost a second of his precious time which was spent composing and recording two very successful releases “Make it Count” and the debut “One Shot”, both very much acclaimed by critics and fans alike. He has also recently resumed live shows in Europe with his own band and with the Avantasia project all over the world.
Later this year he plans to hit the road again in support of his third, full length new studio album aptly entitled, “Trinity”, to released by Frontiers Music.
A winning team should not be changed, so once again the album was produced by Chris Laney (also performing guitar and keyboards) with Jacob Hansen taking care of the mix and the mastering. Since the start of his rock ‘n roll journey with Pretty Maids, Ronnie Atkins has consistently gifted fans with quality melodic rock and “Trinity” delivers again in spades.

Seems that writing songs is a kind of vital elixir for the Dane. Instead of drowning in unlimited self-regret, Atkins makes the most of every day and gives his music a positive touch. Listening to the elegantly rocking ‘Ode to a Madman’ makes you realize that skillful melodic lines are right up there.
There is no sign of melancholy here. On the contrary. Songs like ‘If You Can Dream It’ and the powerful ‘Shine’ are well done rock songs that skillfully showcase the singer’s voice.

There are also quieter moments. Named is ‘Soul Divine’ which builds at the beginning only on vocals and acoustic guitar. Even if the chorus gains energy, the song still remains a well-made half ballad with a lot of feeling and great hooks.
The second part of ‘Trinity’ can also meet the quality standards. The entertaining ‘Sister Sinister’ as well as the following ‘Raining Fire’ show Atkins in great form. Rather unusual and dark resonates ‘The Unwanted’. The song has certainly the most parallels to Pretty Maids even if Atkins doesn’t operate in such hard realms.
‘What If’ is the cinematic closer that shows the whole complexity of Ronnie Atkins’ solo album. I feel a bit reminded of Queen myself.

‘Trinity’ is another strong chapter Atkins adds to his musical legacy and as mentioned; each of these albums is a positive sign. Music means emotions and ‘Trinity’ reflects those feelings. You can ‘feel’ Ronnie love what he does: quality melodic hard rock music.
Highly Recommended


1. Trinity
2. Ode To A Madman
3. Paper Tiger
4. Soul Divine
5. Via Dolorosa
6. Godless
7. Shine
8. If You Can Dream It
9. Sister Sinister
10. Raining Fire
11. The Unwanted
12. What If

Ronnie Atkins – Lead and Backing vocals
Chris Laney – Guitars and Keyboards
Pontus Egberg – Bass
Allan Sörensen – Drums
Linnéa Vikström – Backing Vocals


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