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SCREAMING EAGLES - High Class Rock 'N' Roll (2023) HQ - full

The properly titled “High Class Rock ‘N’ Roll” is the third album by Northern Irish rockers SCREAMING EAGLES, and believe us, lives up to its name. “High Class Rock N Roll” is their first release in a long time. The pandemic disrupted their plans, leading them to go their separate ways before regrouping. But now they’re back, under the watchful eye of Will Maya (who produced The Answer’s recent return to form), and they’ve never sounded more focused.
You need about 30 seconds of lead track ‘Thunder and Lightning’ to find the band’s groove. It’s classic rock meets AC/DC, Northern Irish style, and that’s about it. Frontman Chris Fry describes it as “a face-melting powerhouse of an anthem, it’s raw, energetic and we think it captures just what the Screagles do best. You’ll wish your sound system could go to 11”.

The same goes for “.45”, yet it doesn’t matter; it celebrates rock ‘n’ roll. “Rebel” delves into themes of temptation, something we’ve all experienced, while on “Better Days,” the bass groove takes centre stage. Then there’s “Heart Of Stone,” which gets to the core of it. “I’m a country boy chasing city lights,” sings Fry, and these are rock ‘n’ roll dreamers. It even earns bonus points for sounding like arena-dwelling The Cult.
Elsewhere, bonus points are no higher than “Cry Baby.” This is a riff-based record with echoes of the early Almighty.

The title track, “High Class Rock N Roll,” is a mid-paced rocker, and it’s hard to imagine Fry not singing in a rock band. “Burn It Down” is steeped in a genuine love for the craft, and that’s why it’s so good. It’s authentic, plain and simple.
Even in the deeper cuts, there’s nothing to skip. “Public Enemy,” like the others, does its job, and as for “Hot Stuff,” you can probably guess what to expect from a track with that title on this album. It delivers exactly as it should.

Northern Ireland has produced some wonderful bands, from Rory Gallagher to The Answer. Screaming Eagles are another addition to that list. “High Class Rock N Roll” is simply the sound of a band that loves what they do, and if they weren’t in a band, they’d be enjoying one just like this, although probably not as good.
Highly Recommended


01 – Thunder And Lightning
02 – .45
03 – Rebel
04 – Better Days
05 – Heart Of Stone
06 – Cry Baby
07 – High Class Rock ‘N’ Roll
08 – Burn It Down
09 – Public Enemy
10 – Hot Stuff

Chris Fry – Vocals
Adrian McAleenan – Guitar
Ryan Lilly – Bass
Kyle Cruikshank – Drums



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