TERRAPLANE (pre Thunder) – The Singles Collection [2-CD Lemon / Cherry Red Records remastered] HQ *Exclusive*

TERRAPLANE (pre Thunder) - The Singles Collection [2-CD Lemon / Cherry Red Records remastered] HQ *Exclusive* - full

As requested, here’s the UK-only release “The Singles Collection” of TERRAPLANE, the ’80s band of future Thunder founders Danny Bowes (vocals), Luke Morley (guitars) and Gary James (drums). This Lemon Recordings / Cherry Red Records 2-CD pack is the first ever complete singles round up from the seminal British Hard Rock band.
Every A and B side issued by the band is here with many tracks / versions appearing on CD for the first time, and the whole release has been totally remastered by Tim Turan.
Morley & Bowes formed the band in South London in 1983 and after some line up changes and definitely adopting the Terraplane name, they independently released “I Survive,” a single whose popularity earned them a record deal from Epic.
The label pushed Terraplane to find a poppier, more radio-friendly sound akin to Bon Jovi or Survivor, and the band consented, releasing their debut, Black & White in 1985. There were 5 singles from the album. Terraplane’s sophomore album, Moving Target, came out in 1987, and produced 3 singles.

After the release of Black & White, group then added guitarist Rudy Riviere, whose harder style gave more edge to their live sound for their tour, but before recording had begun for their follow-up, Riviere had left to pursue other ventures.
Terraplane’s sophomore album, Moving Target, came out in 1987, but next year Terraplane broke up as the bands members were looking for a more bluesy hard rock sound.
Bowes, Morley, and James regrouped with guitarist / keyboardist Ben Matthews and bassist Mark “Snake” Luckhurst and became Thunder, whose style resulted a more aggressive version of Terraplane’s, and ended up giving them huge success until this day.

“The Singles Collection” showcases Daniel Bowes & Luke Morley early abilities to write catchy tunes and fine melodies – Terraplane sound was absolutely mid-80s, and we have here all their best songs / singles.
Highly Recommended

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Disc 1
01 – I Can’t Live Without Your Love
02 – Beginning of the End
03 – Let the Wheels Go Round
04 – I Survive
05 – All Night and Day (Live)
06 – I’m The One (Live)
07 – When You’re Hot (Live)
08 – I Survive (You-C Factor Mix)
09 – When You’re Hot
10 – Tough Kind Of Love
11 – If You Could See Yourself
12 – Talking To Myself
13 – Get Your Face out of My Dream

Disc 2
01 – If That’s What It Takes
02 – Living After Dark
03 – Drugs
04 – If That’s What It Takes (19th Nervous Breakdown Mix)
05 – Good Thing Going (Single Version)
06 – A Night Of Madness
07 – The Good Life
08 – Good Thing Going (Extended Version – Admiral Mix)
09 – Moving Target
10 – When I Sleep Alone
11 – I Survive (Live Version)
12 – I Can’t Live Without Your Love (Live version)
13 – River Deep, Mountain High (Live)

Daniel Bowes – vocals
Luke Morley – guitars
Gary James – drums
Nick Linden – bass, keyboards
Rudy Riviere – guitars


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