GILGAMESJ – Another Daybreak (2023)

GILGAMESJ - Another Daybreak (2023) - full

Rockers GILGAMESJ leave a piece of history with their cult EP “Take One” that was released on the RaveOn label back in 1984. The band reformed back in 2009 and have been working on their long-awaited full length debut album. Well, after more than four decades since formed, GILGAMESJ just released the CD “Another Daybreak“.
To some, the band’s name GILGAMESJ or even their logo may look ”heavy metal’, but these Dutch veterans deliver classic melodic hard rock with the traditional European sound for the genre, absolutely ’80s inspired but propelled forward into 2023 with a modern production.
Led by the very good voice of Frank van Stijn (father time obviously has not harmed his vocal cords) and the excellent guitar work by Den Hartog & Sylvester van Leeuwen, this duo is key for the melodic style of the band (listen to the sweet riffs and thoughtful solos) where keyboardist Chris van Hoogdalem finds the space to color the music with his interludes.

With this debut full-length the band serves up a rich tone bolstered by Hoogdalem’s keyboard work, epitomised by the opening track ‘Down Like Rain’ which has a Uriah Heep vibe. The slow burning and soulful title track is rich and warm with its reflective musicianship and heartfelt vocals.
Gilgamesj are not hesitant to inject subtlety into their songs; ‘Lost Horizon’, ‘In My Dreams’ and ‘Where Is The Love’ sizzle and steam with a fragility. Fans looking for harder moments will no doubt relish the stony percussion on ‘Right Here Right Now’ and the busy axe work on ‘Down The Road’, but for the most part this record focuses on the lighter, melodious side.

The return of Gilgamesj shouldn’t be overlooked as this is a wonderful rock record with melody, the sort that would have taken the scene by storm had it been released in the 80s. Hopefully, it will cause a few waves today.
Highly Recommended


01 – Down Like Rain
02 – Another Daybreak
03 – Lost Horizon
04 – Right Here Right Now
05 – In My Dreams
06 – Down The Road
07 – Tales Of No Tomorrow
08 – Lightning Strikes
09 – Where Is The Love
10 – The Unknown
11 – No Contact
12 – Into The Fire
13 – Carry On

Frank van Stijn – vocals
Gerrie den Hartog, Sylvester van Leeuwen – guitars
René Sterk – bass
Rob Boshuijzen – drums
Chris van Hoogdalem – keys



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