ROZARIO – To the Gods We Swear (2023)

ROZARIO - To the Gods We Swear (2023) - full

ROZARIO are an exciting new Melodic Metal band from Norway to release their astonishing debut album entitled “To The Gods We Swear” via Pride & Joy Music. Imagine if Klaus Meine (The Scorpions) would join Masterplan or Avantasia as singer and you get an idea what this band sounds like.
That singer is founding member David Rosario, who have teamed up with no other than producer Trond Holter (Wig Wam, Jorn etc.) to shape a big, bold sound, huge and polished. Presenting traditional metal with melody at its most impassioned and inspirational, ”To The Gods We Swear” by ROZARIO is one of the most stunning debut albums of the year – from any genre.
This an awesomely mature band with killer songwriting & performances, and believe us, these guys are ready for big things.

Always exciting to receive a new album from Pride & Joy Music to review – and the label has really slammed it out of the ballpark with the signing of the mighty Rozario. ”To The Gods We Swear” is metal, but extremely melodic, clean and polished.
Fans of well crafted metal will be absolutely over the moon when encountering the explosive reveries this Norwegian band has to offer the world. After the introductory clarion call of Northern Battle Cry, the CD explodes into the grand and mighty title track, hooking the listener in with its dynamic reprieves.
Heavy Metal Rider is an instant genre classic that will spin in your head for the triumphant ages ahead. Nightmare In Flames is a brilliantly imaginative tune that will scorch the senses.

Then our highlight Born Again is a mesmerizing composition showing how boldly effective Rozario is when it comes to an absorbing power ballad. David Rosario sounds like Meine a lot, and the tune feels like Scorpions on steroids.
And the classic metal keeps on enveloping the senses, with tracks such as Silents Lies, Burning Up, and the raging Heavens Fall Down leaving an indelible impression.

The Rozario line-up is supremely inventive, featuring masterwork performances from David on lead vocals, Stein Hjertholm on guitars, Johan Jamtfall on lead guitar, Anders Halsan Engum on bass, and Per-Helge Bruvoll on drums.
With a first magnum opus this thrilling, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for the almighty Rozario. In the meantime, check out ”To The Gods We Swear” and catch a rising heavy metal star.
Highly Recommended


01 – Northern Battle Cry
02 – To the Gods We Swear
03 – Heavy Metal Rider
04 – Nightmare in Flames
05 – Born again
06 – Silent Lies
07 – Headed for Hell
08 – United we stand – Divided we fall
09 – Caged
10 – Rage
11 – Heavens falling down
12 – Burning up

David Rosario – Vocals
Anders Halsan Engum – Bass
Per-Helge “Peppa” Bruvoll – Drums
Stein Hjertholm – Guitars
Johan Jamtfall – Guitars (lead)


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