STEVIE RACHELLE - Best sTuff +3 (2019) full

STEVIE RACHELLE, frontman of ’80s glam metal cult legends TUFF, released this Greatest Hits solo album cleverly titled Best sTuff via RLS Records. As requested, here’s the 20-track album, a revised / remastered compilation from the singer’s two first solo albums – both out out print – with three additional bonus tracks, especially recorded for this release.
“Best sTuff” is a varied album, while the tracks taken from Rachelle’s first solo are acoustically based melodic, the ones from the second are rockin’ electric, featuring among the musicians playing the likes of Gilby Clarke (ex Guns N’ Roses) and Brian Tichy (Whitesnake). The new 2019 tracks features a stellar line-up.
“Shag-A-Doo LolliPop” (there’s 2 versions, the Rawk Mix and the Rock Mix) consists of Rachelle on lead vocals, Chip Z’Nuff (Enuff Z’Nuff) on bass, Mark Ricciardi (John Waite) on lead guitar, Adam Hamilton (L.A. Guns) on drums, programming and keys, and Patrick Kennison (Lita Ford) on backing vocals.

The other is a surprising cover of the Phil Collins & Genesis pop hit “I Can’t Dance”, performed by the line-up of Rachelle on lead vocals, JK Northrup (XYZ) on guitars, bass and programming, and Chris Laney with additional musical contributions and vocals.
Almost unrecognizable, this is a pretty killer version akin Def Leppard meets Reckless Love.

With an album cover art that’s a carbon-copy of the latest Ted Poley solo CD (both got the idea -art- from the SAME digital artist), “Best sTuff” is a very good collection of songs from the underrated Stevie Rachelle, a tireless ’80s glamster still carrying the flag of the genre in the 21st Century.
Many of the songs here are mature melodic rock / classic rock oriented, while there’s electrifying hard rockers as well.
Highly Recommended


01 – Shag-a-Doo LolliPop (Rawk Mix) [New Song 2019]
02 – Move Along
03 – I Can’t Dance [New Song 2019]
04 – Two Peanuts on the Floor
05 – It’s All Over
06 – Not Telling the Truth
07 – Tova
08 – I Won’t Give Up
09 – Like a Kid Again
10 – Don’t Complain (feat Gilby Clarke)
11 – Path of Choices
12 – Harbor Valley
13 – Rock Me Gently
14 – Little Black Light
15 – Whatever Happened to Friends
16 – Just Being Me
17 – Who the Hell Am I
18 – Can’t Take It Anymore
19 – Broken Man
20 – Shag-a-Doo LolliPop (Pop Mix) [New Song 2019]

Stevie Rachelle – vocals
Michael Raphael – guitar, bass, keyboards
Nick Nolan – guitar, bass
Johnny Griparic, Tommy Gruber – bass
Gilby Clarke – guitar
John Stephens – keyboards, piano, strings
Brian Tichy, Brian Burwells – drums
Chip Z’Nuff (Enuff Z’Nuff) – bass
Mark Ricciardi (John Waite) – lead guitar
Adam Hamilton (L.A. Guns) – drums, programming, keys
Patrick Kennison (Lita Ford) – backing vocals
JK Northrup (XYZ) – guitars, bass, programming
Chris Laney – guitar, backing vocals



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