MAYFIRE – Cloudscapes & Silhouettes (2023)

MAYFIRE - Cloudscapes & Silhouettes (2023) - full

MAYFIRE is an ambitious audio-visual project from Norway. An idea long in the making, envisioned by vocalist Marius Jacobsen and guitarist Rex, Mayfire was formed in the late summer of 2019. The band will release their debut CD “Cloudscapes & Silhouettes” tomorrow, and while still we can’t have visuals from an audio CD, listening to this album you can easily figure them in your head.
Drawing on elements from the early pioneers of progressive metal like Dream Theater to the modern giants like TesseracT, with soaring melodies from bands like In Flames and Ghost, influences are diverse. Lyrically, the band also draws inspiration from movies like 2012, The Postman, Elysium and Mad Max.
“Cloudscapes & Silhouettes” isn’t exactly prog metal – there’s heavy riffage here and there – but most the tracks are midpaced, with melody as main element. While rich in arrangements, MAYFIRE isn’t too much technically complicated, the guitar solos are not overdone complementing the songs.


01 – The Fall
02 – City Of Ruins
03 – Shadows
04 – Cloudscapes & Silhouettes
05 – Thicker Than Water
06 – A Sense Of Purpose
07 – Vinternatt
08 – Fearless
09 – The Age Of Kings

Marius Jacobsen MJX – Vocals
Rex – Lead Guitar
Locke – Guitar
Aiden – Bass
Eros – Drums


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