BIG MOUTHERS – New Now (2023)

BIG MOUTHERS - New Now (2023) - full

Formed nine years ago in Barcelona, Spain, BIG MOUTHERS started as cover band of classic melodic hard rock songs / artists. In a few months they managed to establish themselves as the most popular and requested cover band in the country, averaging 200 shows a year. But the time to show to the world their own penned songs materialized in 2018 with their debut album which sold over 2,000 physical copies and saw the band supporting Swedish melodic hard rock sensation Eclipse.
June 2023 and BIG MOUTHERS are releasing their brand now album “New Now“, including all original songs. The ammasing gigs made them a tight unit, and you can hear a confident songwriting and playing on this new CD.
This is melodic hard rock with a strong ’80s imprint, served with a fresh production sound. Big Mouthers become known for their classic songs covers, but also for specialized tribute shows to Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. So I guess you know what to expect on their songs. Add to that some Harem Scarem, Vega, etc.

Despite of being self-produced & mixed, sound quality on “New Now” is clean, polished, really well done. That’s at charge of JB Ibanez (guitars, keyboards, percussion, background vocals) who also delivers technically but easy to the ears riffs and solos. Then Nacho Ibanez born to sing this brand of Melodic Rock, these ’80s melodies.
The band balances the record with mitempos, some stadium-ready hymns (with a certain Scandi feel), and very well arranged harmony vocals / choruses. Curiously, there isn’t a proper ballad however this doesn’t hurts the final product – you keep wanting for the next foot-tapping hook.

Big Mouthers nail the sound and vibe of the Eighties / Nineties, but also add their own modern touch resulting into a superb cocktail of AORish Melodic Rock. Sweden anyone? No, these guys are from Spain / Barcelona, and they rock with style
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Brothers of Rock and Roll
02 – New Now
03 – My one and Only
04 – License for Love
05 – Just Like You
06 – On the Way
07 – Nothing to Lose
08 – Poisoned Road
09 – Power
10 – I Don’t Want to Live Forever

Nacho Ibanez (lead vocals)
JB Ibanez (guitars, keyboards, percussion, vocals)
Ivan Fuste (bass, vocals)
Oscar Villoria (drums)



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