FIST OF RAGE – Iterations To Reality (reissue 2023)

FIST OF RAGE - Iterations To Reality (reissue 2023) - full

Andromeda Relix Records is reissuing “Iterations To Reality“, the debut album from FIST OF RAGE appeared more than a decade ago. Formed by young musicians influenced by the great bands from the Seventies / Eighties, “Iterations To Reality” is packed full of traditional hard rock, both in sound & style. As proof frontman Piero Pattay during the pandemic performed online songs of Journey, Skid Row, Steelheart, etc.
All band members are already experienced musicians, and it shows all over “Iterations To Reality”, a melodic album yet at the same time pretty hard-hitting.

All we hear on “Iterations To Reality” isn’t ground-breaking, just enjoyable, well done hard rock. The guys have solid technical skills, and are capable to write mature and effective songs. There’s a cool interplay between guitars / keyboards, catchy refrains (“Nobody’s Right, “Knife and Coin”) and the remarkable performance of Piero, an old-fashioned rock-throat.

Also noteworthy is the Zeppelin-like “New Dawn”, which with its vaguely oriental atmosphere is pretty different from the rest. Fist Of Rage also boast a romantic side, expressed in the semi-ballad “Clown’s Crying”, which doesn’t slip into dull or sugary passages.
So we have a solid piece of classic hard rock, well constructed, well played, well produced. And Andromeda Relix did well in reissuing “Iterations To Reality”, as seems FIST OF RAGE is working on a new album.
Highly Recommended


1 – Nobody’s Right
2 – Loving in Vain
3 – Walking on the Edge
4 – Clown’s Crying
5 – Knife and Coin
6 – Introspection
7 – Child Inside
8 – Out of the Darkness
9 – New Dawn

Piero Pattay: vocals
Davide Alessandrini: guitars
Marco Onofri: guitars
Bruno Tagliapietra: bass
Stefano Alessandrini: keyboards
Fabio Poion: drums



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