PENDRAGON – North Star (2023)

PENDRAGON - North Star (2023) - full

English Progressive combo PENDRAGON is releasing a new mini album titled ”North Star”, with 25 minutes of all new music freshly composed by the band, featuring as guest Johanna Stroud on backing vocals and violin. ”North Star” will be available on a limited edition CD.
As usual with PENDRAGON there’s a concept around ”North Star”. Vocalist Nick Barrett said; “The North Star has guided mankind out of trouble for thousands of years and this is a positive message that uses this as a way forward for everyone after the last 3 years without mentioning the wretched C-word”.
It’s a very melodic piece of work with that classic PENDRAGON sound, however at places takes you back to Seventies’ golden era of progressive rock.


1 – North Star Part I: A Boy And His Dog
2 – North Star Part II: As Dead As A Dodo
3 – North Star Part III: Phoenician Skies
4 – Fall Away

Nick Barrett – guitars, vocals, keyboard programming
Clive Nolan – keyboards
Peter Gee – bass
Jan-Vincent Velazco – drums, percussion
Johanna Stroud – backing vocals, violin


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