SAY IT – One and Again [2-CD Tommy Denander remastered] (2023) *Exclusive*

SAY IT - One and Again [2-CD Tommy Denander remastered] (2023) *Exclusive* - full

Sayit was a late Nineties / early 2000’s AOR project named after Swedish guitarist Sayit Dölen (Deacon Street, Heartbreak Radio, Sha-Boom), however the mastermind here is Tommy Denander, who composed all songs, play keyboards, guitar, bass, etc, and co-produced.
For the recordings Sayit & Denander gathered a great bunch of musicians from the Scandinavian melodic rock / AOR scene like vocalists Geir Rönning (RAINMAKER), Jim Jidhed (ALIEN), Andy Eklund (PRISONER) and international such as guitarist Bruce Gaitsch (RICHARD MARX), bass player David Hungate (TOTO) or Kee Marcello (ex- EUROPE).
With a fine mix of classic AOR and Westcoast, Sayit released their first two albums in 1999 (self-titled) and 2001 (titled Again), over the years becoming much sought-after for fans of the genre.
Now 2023 and curiously re-branded SAY IT, with new artwork and under the title “One and Again“, is being released this 2-CD set including both albums remastered by Denander and including some bonus songs from the era.


CD 1
01 – A Second Start
02 – House Of Glass
03 – Standing On The Outside
04 – One Unguarded Moment
05 – Could You Love Me Again
06 – Garden Of Eden
07 – You’re My Inspiration
08 – She’s The One
09 – Hear Me Heaven
10 – You
11 – Once You Love Somebody
12 – Talk To Me

Sayit (guitars)
Bruce Gaitsch (acoustic guitars track 5)
Geir Rönning (vocals 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10)
Andy Eklund (vocals on 7, 9, 11)
Annika Burman (vocals on 10)
Pierre Weinsberg (1, 2, 5)
Tommy Denander (rhythm guitar, bass, keyboards, programming)


CD 2
01 – Dawn
02 – Love You Tonight
03 – Frozen
04 – I Can’t Go On
05 – Halfway To Heaven
06 – Don’t Cry
07 – When I Think About You
08 – Moon Comes Calling
09 – Heaven Holds You Near
10 – Never Gonna Let You Go
11 – I Believe

Sayit (guitars)
Kee Marcello (lead guitar)
Michael Thompson (lead guitar)
Jim Jidhed (lead vocals)
Geir Rönning (lead vocals)
Mats Olausson (keyboards)
David Hungate (bass)
Martin Landin (bass)
Marcus Liliequist (drums)
Ricky Delin (speech)
Tommy Denander (guitars, keyboards, bass)



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