SAYIT (feat Tommy Denander) – Louder (2003)

SAYIT - Louder (2003) - full

With the reissue of the first two SAYIT albums, it’s a nice opportunity to feature the project’s third album properly titled “Louder“; now the focus is much more rocking, melodic hard rock oriented than the previous 2 AOR / Westcoast records.
Again with Tommy Denander producing, writing the songs, playing guitar, keys, bass, on “Louder” SAYIT sounds more ‘like a band’ as Geir Rønning (Prisoner, Radioactive) is at charge of all vocals, and there’s a real, human drummer. On bass two heavyweights from the genre share performances: Ulf “Ken” Sandin (Stage Dolls, Erica, Sha-Boom) and talented Tony Franklin (The Firm, Street Talk, Radioactive, Rainmaker).
The overall sound & style of “Louder” brings to mind other Tommy Denander band from the era: Prisoner, melodic hard rocking and with effective Geir Rønning at the mic. Btw, both Prisoner albums are being reissued 2023 into a 2-CD set, but we already featured these albums at 0dayrox months ago – the release uses the same remaster.

Back to “Louder”, on the record Sayit Dölen’s guitars are more biting than on the previous two albums. This third Sayit record is ‘Louder’ indeed. All songs are midtempo melodic rockers with a tight production, and convincing performances from all involved.
Highly Recommended timeless Scandinavian melodic hard rock.


01 – Stand Up
02 – The Queen
03 – That Ain’t Me
04 – A Love I Can’t Handle
05 – Come Please Me, Completely
06 – I Am King
07 – Longing For Someone To Hold
08 – John Doe
09 – Love Without Reason
10 – My Lonely Heart
11 – I May Be Hurt, But I’m Free
12 – Waiting For My Love

Sayit (Sha-Boom, Heartbreak Radio) – Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Geir Ronning (Prisoner, Radioactive) – Lead & Backing Vocals
Ulf “Ken” Sandin (Stage Dolls, Erica, Sha-Boom) – Bass
Tony Franklin (The Firm, Street Talk, Radioactive, Rainmaker) – Bass
Erik Somphan – Drums
Tommy Denander (Prisoner, Rainmaker, Deacon Street) – Keyboards, Loops & Additional Guitars



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