SCOTT FREE – Right Before Your Eyes (2023)

SCOTT FREE - Right Before Your Eyes (2023) - full

Who is SCOTT FREE? Who is this guy that looks coming from the time machine? A couple days ago surfaced on Bandcamp his album “Right Before Your Eyes“, with this brief description: “This is the debut album from Scott Free and encapsulates all the influences that have moulded him to become an A.O.R. force to be reckoned with. The future looks bright!”
There isn’t a contact page, nor Facebook, Instagram, etc, no info about SCOTT FREE nowhere. Well, one thing is for sure; this album is pure ’80s AOR!

The songs on “Right Before Your Eyes” seem like written in 1984, and sonically there’s a smooth sweet voice, the keyboards splashes all over, the clean guitars, the synth bass, and the drum machine. Yeah, remember the budget Eighties recordings with ‘that machine’ – robotic, yet with a certain charm. Take The Bryan Hughes Group 1990’s ‘Break The Rules’ as reference.
Even more, “Right Before Your Eyes” sounds like a pro-tools product; the guitars, bass and keys/synths feels like presets used to create a song. And while for many people all that suppose ”prefabricated”… the songs are great!
This is a home-made album, no doubt about it, but “Right Before Your Eyes” is a delicious slice of ’80s-type indie AOR’, the kind of self-managed recordings made decades ago.

We don’t know anything about SCOTT FREE, nor even if that’s a real person or name, but whoever you are dude, thanks for these lovely melodic retro AOR tunes.
Highly Recommended


01 – Fool In Love
02 – Over You
03 – Darkness Of The Night
04 – Right Before Your Eyes
05 – Save Your Tears
06 – Count On My Love
07 – Can’t Just Let It Go
08 – Everytime I Close My Eyes
09 – Reckless


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