ALL 41 (feat. Terry Brock) – The World’s Best Hope [Japanese Edition +1] out of print *HQ*

ALL 4 1 - The World's Best Hope [Japanese Edition +1] (2017) lossless full

When you get incredible singer Terry Brock (Strangeways, Giant), guitarist Gary Pihl (Sammy Hagar, Boston), vocalist / bassist Robert Berry (Hush, Alliance) and drummer Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley) together to pool forces, the result only could be outstanding: that’s what happens with ALL 41 and their awesome Melodic Rock / AOR debut album “The World’s Best Hope”. Be prepared for a set of smooth, immensely hummable melodious songs that’s low on ostentation yet sky-high in the quality department.
These guys gelled very well musically and they came up with a superb album which mixes Mr Big’s most melodic moments, some Danger Danger, together with keyboard-laden layers and stellar AOR vocals shared by Brock / Berry with obvious resemblances to Strangeways and Alliance.

All 41 loads up on all the essential Melodic Rock / AOR elements: infectious melody in song composition, harmony in guitar lines and vocal arrangements, toe-tapping rhythm and groove from bass & drums, sweet and soaring guitar solos, hooks in melodies and refrains, and strong clean vocals.
Yeah, this is classy stuff of the highest order.

ALL 4 1 - The World's Best Hope [Japanese Edition +1] (2017) booklet

On the rocking side ‘After The Rain’, ‘Cyanide’ and ‘Never Back Down’ are super catchy and smoking numbers. For something more on the AOR side look to the ’80s-style ‘Down Life’s Pages’, ‘Walk Alone’ (with a lot of Journey on it), and the uber groovy midtempo ‘Show Me The Way’.

They come with ‘Don’t Surrender (To Love)’ for a crystal clear ballad, and the soulful and passionate ‘Mother Don’t Cry’ driven by a sweet piano line and an absolutely spine-tingling vocal arrangement. AOR anthem or ballad of the year? Perhaps. I might even suggest buying the CD for that song alone, but it’s all good here.

ALL 4 1 - The World's Best Hope [Japanese Edition +1] (2017) back

Avoiding AOR-by-numbers stuff, ALL 4 1’s “The World’s Best Hope” is a fantastic collection of songs that obviously have been honed for some time, this is not just a ‘project’ with songs put together at the eleventh hour.
Terry Brock is “THE” AOR vocalist by definition, and when you have another talented second voice like Robert Berry’s sweet pipes, the layered harmonies are to die for.


01. After The Rain
02. Cyanide
03. Down Life’s Page
04. Mother Don’t Cry
05. Show Me The Way
06. Walk Alone
07. Don’t Surrender (To Love)
08. Hero In Your Life
09. Never Back Down Again
10. Who Knows
11. The World’s Best Hope
12. Mother Don’t Cry (acoustic) [Japan Bonus Track]

Terry Brock (Strangeways, Giant) – lead & backing vocals
Robert Berry (Hush, Alliance) – lead & backing vocals, bass
Gary Phil (Boston, Alliance, Sammy Hagar) – guitars
Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Bang Tango) – drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Jorn) – keyboards, backing vocals


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