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CHARIZMA - Rock The World '85 [remastered CD reissue +2] - full

The roots of the Swedish melodic rock band CHARIZMA dates back to the late Seventies when brothers Bosse, Goran and Janne Nikolausson formed a group called High Voltage. In time, as the brothers matured and came into their own musically, their sound gradually transitioned to a commercial based combination of melodic hard rock and guitar driven arena rock.
With a change in musical direction a new name was chosen for the band in Charizma, the name in question influenced by the KISS song “Charisma” (from Dynasty). By 1984 Charizma had gained a significant following from touring Sweden, and when a Swedish bank loaned the band $15,000 in 1985, it entered the studio and recorded its full length debut ”Rock The World”.

Charizma’s sound is influenced by Europe, Treat, etc – melody, strong riffs, clean vocals and bright keyboards. Goran may not be the fastest or flashiest of guitar players, but he does a commendable job complementing each song with his melodic flavored lead guitar work. Bosse brings a solid mid-octave ranged voice. Bosse also handles bass and combines with Janne to round out the rhythm section.
This remastered version of ”Rock The World” adds two bonus tracks and brings a clearer sound to this indie, which considering the budget is finely produced.

“Rock The World” was initially released on vinyl in 1985 but was not re-issued on CD unti this Magdalene Records release with bonus tracks in “Turn Me On” and “Guardian Angels”.
A fast paced blend of rhythm guitar and organ conveys “The Knights” forward from the start, the two carrying the song at an upbeat tempo to a chorus with a catchy radio friendly hook. Introduced to several seconds of open air rhythm guitar, “Free From The World” advances at a steady midtempo pace until it transitions to a melodic flavored chorus that will pull you in and refuse to let go.

After keyboards propel the ballad “Make Up Your Mind” through its second verse, an acoustic guitar enters the mix at the start of the third and leads the way to a strong chorus with an abundance of commercial appeal. A tastefully done blues based guitar solo closes out the songs last minute.
A punchy bass line underscores the guitar and keys that quickly drives the album hard rocking title track to an energetic chorus carried at an anthem-like upbeat tempo. Goran’s fiery lead guitar work carries “Rock The World” over its last fifty seconds.

Set in motion by a drum solo and several seconds of vocal harmonies, “God Bless Rock N’ Roll” is driven by a crisp rhythm guitar to a catchy non-stop hook filled chorus. “Try It (Feel The Love)” is accentuated by a catchy guitar riff during its verse, the song not culminating until it reaches an equally infectious chorus bolstered by vocal harmonies.
The rhythm guitar harmony at the start of “On Your Own” is followed by Bosse conveying by way of spoken word over a punchy bass line feelings of loneliness and isolation in today’s world Once the rhythm guitar returns at the start of the songs first verse, vocal harmonies soon step forward and lead the way to a laid back chorus underscored by keyboards. “On Your Own” closes to just under a minute of melodic flavored lead guitar work.

The piano slowly carrying “He Is The Light” through its first verse gives way to a keyboard solo, the pace not picking up until the song moves on to a chorus with a catchy refuse to go away hook. Goran contributes several seconds of the albums best lead guitar work to an instrumental passage ending to another keyboard solo.
Inexplicably, “He Is The Light” is not included with the track listing on the back of the jewel case, while the song “Won’t Let Me Down” – which did not make it onto the album – is listed in its place .

“Where Do You Stand” is a keyboard based ballad in the Scandinavian style of the era, then the crisp guitar opening “Turn Me On” takes a backseat in the mix as a punchy bass line supports the song during its first verse. The rhythm guitar returns, however, as “Turn Me On” picks up in pace for a hook laden chorus with a nice commercial feel. A fluid guitar solo tops off a song the band released as an EP in 1986 – with the track “Try It (Feel The Love) – and subsequently received significant airplay on Swedish radio.

Taking off to a near perfect mix of edgy metal-laced rhythm guitar and keyboards, “Guardian Angels” tapers off for its verse portions only to gain momentum for a chorus driven in a strong manner by vocal harmonies. A keyboard solo gives way to several seconds of blistering lead guitar work.

On “Rock The World” Charizma proves in no uncertain terms its ability to write a song with a good catchy hook. “Free From The World”, “Try It (Feel The Love)” and “Turn Me On” all stand out with their catchy melodies; however, upbeat hard rockers such as “The Knights”, “Rock The World” and “Guardian Angels” hold up equally well.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Knights
02 – Free From The World
03 – Make Up Your Mind
04 – Rock The World
05 – God Bless Rock ‘n’ Roll
06 – Try It (Feel The Love)
07 – On Your Own
08 – Won’t Let Me Down
09 – Where Do You Stand
10 – Turn Me On (Bonus Track)
11 – Guardian Angels (Bonus Track)

Bosse Nikolausson – Lead Vocals, Bass
Goran Nikolausson – Guitars
Janne Nikolausson – Drums


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