VOODOO CIRCLE – 15 Years Of Voodoo (2023) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

VOODOO CIRCLE - 15 Years Of Voodoo (2023) lossless *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

With remarkable records such as the self-titled Voodoo Circle or Locked & Loaded, Alex Beyrodt’s VOODOO CIRCLE quickly established themselves as the epitome of quality in classic hard rock. This band has it all: lots of experience featuring members of PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER, PINK CREAM 69, KHYMERA, outstanding songwriting skills and musicianship, passion and a sense for great hooks.
A German band never before sounded that international, with that much “American Hard Rock” in their blood. These melodic anthems, cultivated by the powerful voice of David Readman, the tasteful Hammond-sounds by Jimmy Kresic, Mat Sinner’s as usual precise bass foundation and Markus Kullmann’s drumming in best Bonham tradition, appear to come down right from the Olympus of hard rock.
To shorten fans wait for a new studio offering to follow in the hopefully not-so-distant future, on December 1, 2023, VOODOO CIRCLE present their ‘Best Of’ – 15 Years Of Voodoo – via AFM Records, featuring not only highlights from their discography remastered, but also two previously unreleased tracks, both awesome songs.

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01. Locked & Loaded
02. Flesh & Bone
03. Wasting Time
04. Devil With An Angel Smile
05. Higher Love
06. Running Away From Love
07. Graveyard City
08. Heart Of Babylon
09. Cry For Love
10. Trapped In Paradise
11. Watch And Wait (I Got My Eye On You)
12. Devil’s Daughter
13. No Solution Blues
14. Broken Heart Syndrome
15. Man And Machine
16. Spewing Lies
17. Master Of Illusion
18. Sweet Devotion (previously unreleased)
19. Rock’n Roll Remedy (previously unreleased)

Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
David Readman – Vocals
Mat Sinner – Bass
Markus Kullmann – Drums



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