CASANOVA – Casanova [Deluxe Edition remastered + 7]

CASANOVA - Casanova [Deluxe Edition remastered + 7] full

Now here is a band that every Melodic Rock fan should know, but few actually do. CASANOVA was a band put together in the early ’90s by singer / guitarist Michael Voss of Mad Max fame (now in Wolfpakk) and drummer Michael Eurich (Warlock). Their debut album “Casanova” was requested here in its remastered Deluxe Edition featuring a bunch of bonus tracks and a slightly different artwork.

Casanova released their self-titled debut in 1991. This is an album that by all rights should have been huge in the U.S., but was strangely overlooked. If there was ever a winning formula for melodic hard rock, it’s on display here.
Voss and producer Henry Staroste (Boysvoice, Warlock) were obviously inspired by the Hollywood hair metal scene, but Casanova replaced sleaze and hairspray with perfect melodies and that uniquely European polish and production.

Michael Voss sounds terrific here, proving he could do radio-friendly Melodic Rock with as much style and spirit as he did in Mad Max.
The guitar work is also strong, whether it’s the catchy hooks or the sweet melodies, and you have a varied rhythm section, on some songs typically late Eighties with bombast, and when required organic, classic sounding.

CASANOVA - Casanova [Deluxe Edition remastered + 7] booklet

All songs are terrific, but if I have to mention some highlights there’s the rockin’ opener “Don’t Talk About Love” – one of the greatest Melodic Rock tunes appeared in the ’90s, believe me – the excellent, dramatic “Love Lies” (you can bet a video would have put that one in heavy MTV rotation), or the soaring “Ride the Wings of Freedom.”
“Hollywood Angels” is pure catchiness done with style, while “Burning Love” is pure class with smooth melodies.
That same year bands like Firehouse and Steelheart were taking this kind of sound to the top of the charts. Casanova should have been right up there with them.

For years the Casanova debut has been one of the rarest rock gems, commanding up to $100 on eBay. This “Casanova Deluxe Edition” reissue features brilliantly remastered sound, expanded liner notes and a whopping 7 bonus tracks (although the back cover wrongly indicates five).
The bonus tracks are the b-sides “Hot Legs” and “Written In My Heart,” plus acoustic versions of “Hollywood Angels” and “Love Lies”, and live versions of “Don’t Talk About Love,” “Burning Love” and “Ride the Wings of Freedom.”
The digital remastering alone makes this reissue worthwhile; the bonus material is the icing on the cake.

CASANOVA - Casanova [Deluxe Edition remastered + 7] back

If you’re a fan of the classic European Melodic Rock sound of bands like Bonfire, Jaded Heart, Treat and Fair Warning, this “Casanova Deluxe Edition” is a MUST HAVE reissue.
This album in its original edition is one of my favorites from my collection, in my humble opinion, one of the Greatest Melodic Rock albums ever made. This Deluxe Edition is simply fantastic.
There were only 1000 copies pressed, and I am afraid it’s out of print now, but you can find remaining copies at selected stores. Worth every cent, believe me.

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01 – Don’t Talk About Love
02 – Burning Love
03 – Living a Lie
04 – The Girl is Mine
05 – Rome Burns
06 – Love Lies
07 – Bang Bang
08 – Sticky Sweet
09 – Back To the Wall
10 – Ride the Wings of Freedom
11 – Hollywood Angels
12 – Heaven Can Wait
13 – Hot Legs
14 – Written In My Heart
15 – Hollywood Angels (Acoustic)
16 – Love Lies (Acoustic)
17 – Don’t Talk About Love (Live)
18 – Burning Love (Live)
19 – Ride the Wings of Freedom (Live)

Michael Voss: lead vocals, guitar
Stephen Neumeier: guitar, backing vocals
Jurgen Attig: bass, backing vocals
Michael Eurich: drums, percussion, backing vocals


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