TAINTED SAINTS – Tainted Saints 1990-92 [Eonian Records remaster] (2024) *HQ*

TAINTED SAINTS - Tainted Saints 1990-92 [Eonian Records remaster] (2024) *HQ* - full

Forming in 1988, TAINTED SAINTS was put together by members of hard rock bands ‘Winchester’ and hard-rocking Baltimore-based ‘Nasty Passion’. The group began writing and performing a brand of R’n’Rmusic not typical of the music scene and performing “everywhere and anytime,” quickly building a dedicated following.
TAINTED SAINTS quickly began selling out one-nighters and eventually weekends, often being paired with national acts touring through the region and garnering time in the alt rotation in France and Belgium. There was a lot of traction, the gigs were nuts, breaking fire codes, constant parties, and just a fun time.
In the early ’90s, recording time was expensive, and the band was broke. Self-funding recordings with gig money, friends, and family, the team was able to work with noteworthy studios Cue Recording and Omega. TAINTED SAINTS self-released on cassette and sold out, 1,500 copies with no marketing or backing, real grassroots stuff.

The band shopped the tracks but Recording Labels feedback at the time was “the tracks were too long for radio play,” and as one insider put it, “frankly, labels didn’t know what to do with you guys.” Everyone was looking for the next Poison, LA Guns, and the band just didn’t fit into that package.
Then “Grunge” happened. TAINTED SAINTS and many other bands got lost in a new musical uprising from Seattle and never recovered. The band gave 110% for years, burned out, and began pursuing other interests.
Now Eonian Records is releasing for the first time that TAINTED SAINTS 1990 recordings (Tracks 5 – 9) and the other sessions from 1992 (Tracks 1 – 4).

TAINTED SAINTS rock ‘n roll style resulted rare for the 1988-1990 American scene: they play Classic Rock with a bluesy foundation, like a mix between the energy of Mother Love Bone, the glam rock flavor of Hanoi Rocks, the swagger of The Rolling Stones, and the passion of The Quireboys.
The sound quality of these tapes are fine, remastered to obtain the best output possible.
It’s a cool collection of rockers, and TAINTED SAINTS reunited again with plans of recording new material this 2024.
Highly Recommended


01 – Temptation
02 – VooDoo Redux
03 – Walk On Water
04 – Unspoken
05 – Wicked Little Smile
06 – Studying Susie
07 – Wasn’t Meant To Be
08 – Shades Of You
09 – VooDoo Girl

Sean Barr – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Anthony King Kirke – Guitars
Jazz – Bass, Backing Vocals
Ritchie Davis – Drums, Backing Vocals
Kim Glaudet – Guest Vocals, Backing Vocals



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