TRAFIC JAM – The Joke Is Over (2024) *HQ Exclusive*

TRAFIC JAM - The Joke Is Over (2024) *HQ Exclusive* - full

Rockshots Records is releasing today the debut album from TRAFIC JAM titled “The Joke Is Over“, launching the exciting entry of Trafic Jam into the music scene promising a timeless blend of classic and hard rock influences.
Trafic Jam brings together seasoned musicians from the French rock scene (including members of veteran act TRUST) to create a sound that pays homage to the ’70s hard rock era. With influences from iconic bands like Deep Purple, , Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, Trafic Jam adds their unique energy to the genre.
“The Joke Is Over” encapsulates the essence of classic rock, delivering a sonic journey enriched with blues rock, Hard Rock, and a touch of groove, plenty of melodic guitar riffs, Hammond organ runs, and strong vocals.

Much like a puzzle, each of the 10 tracks is a distinct piece that, while different from the others, contributes to the larger-than-life image of Trafic Jam’s sonic journey.
In a musical landscape where each Seventies title stands alone, Trafic Jam weaves a tapestry where no piece resembles the other, yet every note is intricately linked by a common spirit. “It’s like assembling a puzzle. Every track is a unique piece that contributes to the final image. The diversity is intentional – it’s the essence of our sonic puzzle,” shares guitarist and founder Valentin Labani, the visionary behind Trafic Jam.

Drawing inspiration from the legends of the seminal Classic Rock age, “The Joke Is Over” is an immersive experience where every title is a nod to the golden era of rock. It’s well composed, performed and produced with a retro vibe however not diminishing its power. 10 songs played with passion, and you can feel that emotion.
Highly Recommended


01 – Show Me
02 – Leave This All Behind
03 – Hey Ian
04 – I Turned Off The Stars
05 – The World Is Shaking
06 – Oswald And The Beauty Queen
07 – Devil At The Crossroads
08 – God Save The Queen
09 – If You Spread Your Wings
10 – The Joke Is Over

Vocals: Arno T.Walden
Guitar: Valentin Labani
Bass: David Jacob
Keyboards: Olivier Castan
Drums: Stéphane Cavanez
Backing vocals: Caroline Indjein



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