BLUE MURDER – Blue Murder [Japan SHM-CD remastered] HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

BLUE MURDER - Blue Murder [Japan SHM-CD remastered] HQ *0dayrox Exclusive* lossless full

As requested, here’s BLUE MURDER self-titled debut album in its Japanese remastered release pressed on SHM-CD as part of the ‘Back to the Rock Years’ series. Rock Candy Records did a fantastic remaster of the album, but this version was aked to compare. If you ask us, this SHM-CD sound is great as well, huge and defined.
Founded by talented guitarist John Sykes in 1988 after being fired from Whitesnake by David Coverdale, Sykes took the reins of his destiny in his hands. He returned home to England, where his mother and stepfather have a studio in Blackpool.

After extensive jam sessions including numerous musicians such as legendary drummer Cozy Powell, great shouter Ray Gillen (of Black Sabbath and later Badlands) and Tony Martin (who, ironically, replaced Gillen in Black Sabbath) briefly worked with Sykes for a possible band line-up.
However the consensus from all those involved with Sykes, including friends, musicians and A&R executive John Kalodner (commissioned by Geffen Records who signed Blue Murder) was that no one they auditioned as lead singer could match the guide vocals Sykes recorded himself on his Blue Murder demos.

Sykes decided to scrap his search for a vocalist and handle the vocal duties himself, completing the band with two terrific cats; Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, King Kobra) on drums and Tony Franklin (The Firm, Whitesnake) on bass.
The album that Sykes, Appice and Franklin recorded is nothing less than spectacular.
Taking his guitar playing a step beyond his work with Whitesnake, Sykes produced edgy, fluid and explosive guitar rhythms. His solo work on the record is awe inspiring. No one can miss the legato phrasing and vibrato of John Sykes.

The surprise to us all was the voice. No one expected Sykes to be able to stand out as a lead vocalist. Citing Coverdale, Glenn Hughes and Phil Lynott as influences, John Sykes found himself learning the trade from two of rock’s greatest vocalist. His thick British accent gives his vocals a smooth, sensual vibe.
No longer standing in the shadow of Phil Lynott or David Coverdale, Sykes stood on his own as lead vocalist in his own right.

The fret-less bass playing of Tony Franklin highlighted the bass guitar as an instrument. Gone was the straight ahead playing of bassists of the genre to be replaced by harmonic, rolling sounds that were unfamiliar to the listeners. The opening track “Riot” is a prime example of the unique sound and style of Franklin.
And the bass sound is granite on this SHM-CD.

With a resume that dates back to the late ’60s, Appice set the foundation for heavy drumming. His unique style provided the back bone for Blue Murder’s music with bone-crushing fills and rolls. Appice’s playing lays the baseline for Franklin’s bass grooves and Sykes’ guitar mastery.

Simply put, every track on this album ROCKS.
It’s one of these diamond platters you never get tired to listen to.


UICY~25162 【SHM-CD】

01 – Riot
02 – Sex Child
03 – Valley Of The Kings
04 – Jelly Roll
05 – Blue Murder
06 – Out Of Love
07 – Billy
08 – Ptolemy
09 – Black-Hearted Woman

John Sykes – lead vocals, guitars
Tony Franklin – bass, background vocals
Carmine Appice – drums, percussion, background vocals



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7 Responses

  1. Ed Marks says:

    Thank you very much for this remastered SHM disc. These SHM discs just sound better in my opinion. Blue Murder in my opinion are one of the best bands ever & John Sykes is one of the best heavy metal guitarists in music. Do you know when the new album “Sy-Ops” from John Sykes will be released?

  2. Jay says:

    Thnx 0Day!!!!!!!!! A very underrated album. Kicks butt from start to finish

  3. Örjan says:

    Could this be something for 0dayrox? Giant “Time To Burn”. A release by “Music On CD”. My LP is broken after SO many listens.

  4. James says:

    What about the Hard Rock Cady Remaster that was up quite awhil back, can you repost that one please

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