At 1980 – Forget To Remember (2024) HQ *Exclusive*

At 1980 - Forget To Remember (2024) HQ *Exclusive* - full

At 1980 are back with another retro-Eighties album that may be their best yet. Released yesterday, “Forget To Remember” is a pure delight for fans of synth-laden Lite AOR / pop-rock with gorgeous melodies.
Featuring the smooth lead vocals of Englishman Josh Dally, At 1980 – their name alone give you an idea of their music – takes us into a time machine to an era when feel-good music ruled athe airwaves. Additionally, there’s two female vocalists doing lead on one track each to provide variation.
Including the melodically additive anthems ‘Back to Me’ and ‘Pieces of Me’ just to mention a couple, “Forget To Remember” is album that promises to keep you pressing that replay button and belting your heart out. This is a must listen for all synth lovers and AOR enthusiasts.

The musical and vocal talents showcased on this record are at the highest professional level with the mixing and mastering spot on. It’s a great, smooth listen with some catchy melodies that will remain in your head – an emotionally charged display of creativity and passion.
The fact there’s so few guest appearances makes this album better; in fact, with no disrespect to the guest musicians, this album would still be as good if it were just the core At 1980 duo of Josh Dally and Adrian Quesada Michelena (guitar, bass, keyboards, synths).
“Forget To Remember” is pure ’80s.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Lost in Time
02 – Back to Me
03 – Never Mine (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)
04 – Still in Love
05 – Your Secret
06 – Pieces of Me (feat. Shadowrunner)
07 – Give a Little Love
08 – The Magic Wind
09 – Somebody Else (feat. Syst3m Glitch)
10 – Let Me Go (feat. Syst3m Glitch and Camille Glemet)
11 – Ab Aeterno

Josh Dally – lead vocals, harmonies
Adrian Quesada Michelena – guitar, bass, keyboards, synths
Dana Jean Phoenix – guest lead vocals
Camille Glemet – guest lead vocals
Syst3m Glitch – synths, production
Shadowrunner – synths, production
Kati Vickery – backing vocals



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