KINGDOM COME – Get It On 1988-1991 [Classic Album Collection Box Set Remastered w/ 9 Bonus Tracks] *HQ*

KINGDOM COME - Get It On 1988-1991 [Classic Album Collection Box Set] lossless full

“Get It On 1988-1991 [Classic Album Collection Box Set]” brings together all the KINGDOM COME Polygram albums fully remastered and including several bonus tracks, some of them previously unavailable on CD in Europe / America.
Housed in a box set, this 3-CD release features debut album ‘Kingdom Come’, ‘In Your Face’ and the very hard to find ‘Hands of Time’.
This American / German hard rock band originally formed in 1987 by singer Lenny Wolf, exploded into the scene in 1988 with its debut LP ‘Kingdom Come’ which shot them to international fame, and they became one of the most renowned Rock outfits in the world. The band’s first single, ‘Get It On,’ was a big enough hit on AOR radio stations that the band’s eponymous debut went gold the day it was shipped.

Their second single/video for the power ballad ’What Love Can Be’ received much airplay on US radio and MTV. By the time the single ‘Loving You’ was released, the album had sold to platinum status in the United States, Germany and Canada, among other music markets.
This newly remastered version of this album contains the bonus tracks ‘Get It On [Single Edit]’, ‘What Love Can Be [Single Edit]’, ‘Helping Hand [Non-LP B-side]’ and ‘What Love Can Be [Radio One Edit]’.

The following year, Kingdom Come released their next LP – ‘In Your Face’. Again met with huge acclaimed from fans and critics alike, it sold around the world in huge quantities, but as the band were about the tour the album, they imploded and dramatically split up.
The album spawned three singles – ‘Do You Like It’ and ‘Overrated’ but a third ‘Stargazer’ was pressed but never was officially released.
This newly remastered version of this album contains the bonus tracks ‘Slow Down [Non-LP B-side]’, ‘The Perfect ‘O’ [Live]’, ‘The Wind [Live]’ and ‘In A Word from Lenny [hidden track]’.

In 1990, Lenny Wolf (who retained the band’s name) reformed Kingdom Come with a whole new line-up. They made one more international release on PolyGram – ‘Hands of Time’ – which was eventually released in 1991.
Co-written with harpist/songwriter Carol Tatum of Angels Of Venice, it was recorded with several session guitarists and drummers including future Poison guitarist Blues Saraceno and former Dancer drummer Bam Bamm Shibley. This new edition of the album contains the bonus track ‘Don’t Need to Justify’, originally the Japanese edition bonus.

“Get It On 1988-1991 [Classic Album Collection Box Set]” is a great deal, 3 albums / CD at the 1 disc price.
The quality sound is stupendous, fully digitally remastered.
Highly Recommended


DISC 1 : ‘Kingdom Come’ +4
01 – Living Out Of Touch
02 – Pushin’ Hard
03 – What Love Can Be
04 – 17
05 – The Shuffle
06 – Get It On
07 – Now Forever After
08 – Hideaway
09 – Loving You
10 – Shout It Out
11 – Get It On (Single Edit)
12 – What Love Can Be (Single Edit)
13 – Helping Hand (Non-LP B-side)
14 – What Love Can Be (Radio One Edit)


DISC 2 : ‘In Your Face’ +4
01 – Do You Like It
02 – Who Do You Love
03 – The Wind
04 – Gotta Go (Can’t Wage A War)
05 – Highway 6
06 – Perfect O
07 – Just Like A Wild Rose
08 – Overrated
09 – Mean Dirty Joe
10 – Stargazer
11 – Slow Down (Non-LP B-side)
12 – The Perfect ‘O’ (Live)
13 – The Wind (Live)
14 – A Word From Lenny


DISC 3 : ‘Hands of Time’ +1
01 – I’ve Been Trying
02 – Should I
03 – You’ll Never Know
04 – Both Of Us
05 – Stay
06 – Blood On The Land
07 – Shot Down
08 – You’re Not The Only… I Know
09 – Do I Belong
10 – Can’t Deny
11 – Hands Of Time
12 – Don’t Need To Justify (UK 12” Promo)


Lenny Wolf – lead vocals, guitar, bass
James Kottak – drums
Rick Steier – rhythm guitar
Danny Stag – lead guitar
Johnny B. Frank – bass
Koen van Baal – keyboards
Blues Saraceno – guitar solo
Marco Moir guitars – solo
Bert Meulendijk – guitar solo



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