PLATINUM OVERDOSE – Standing On The Edge Of The Night ’83 Masters [re-mixed +1] (2024) *HQ*

PLATINUM OVERDOSE - Standing On The Edge Of The Night '83 Masters [re-mixed +1] (2024) *HQ* - full

Melodic hard rockers PLATINUM OVERDOSE are releasing today a special version of their last, 2021’s album ‘Standing On The Edge Of The Night’. A band that always expressed their desire to bring back the ’80s feeling to the genre, now did a new re-mix of the album simulating a first half of the sonic standards.
As result, the funnily titled “Standing On The Edge Of The Night ’83 Masters” sounds more rocking raw, less bombastic / reverb expanded, punchier heavy.
Confirming PLATINUM OVERDOSE’s knack for catchy choruses and wild solos, I can’t help but songs like ‘Chain Me to Heaven’, ‘Rock N’ Roll Rodeo’ (a personal favorite), ‘Generation Fire’, ‘Rebel Heart’ or their blistering cover of Tuff Luck’s ‘Tonight Tonight’, takes you back to the glory days of the genre – less ‘hairy’ and more ‘metallic’ now with this “83 Masters”.

PLATINUM OVERDOSE is formed by experienced cats in the business with Lance V. (bass) having produced and released two albums each from Steve Philbrook (vocals) and Rick Mead (lead guitar) former bands, Brass Kitten and Syre, while Matt Thorr is best known for his work in Rough Cutt and Ratt in their earlier years.
This is an album able to boast its raw DIY ethos without the use of any special production tricks, focusing instead on harnessing the best hooks and riffs that have previously shape many ’80s hard rock classics.

Philbrook‘s tone of voice is nothing short of phenomenal for this musical genre and it is obvious the man has retained his great vocal cords almost 30 years, and Mead drop some scorching solos over Thorr’s crunchy rhythm guitars creating that classic early Eighties Californian vibe.
Quite simply, if you like ’80s hard rock, you need to check out Platinum Overdose‘s remix of ”Standing On The Edge Of The Night”.
Highly Recommended


01 – No Rest for the Wicked (’83 Masters)
02 – Rock N’ Roll Rodeo (’83 Masters)
03 – Generation Fire (’83 Masters)
04 – Tonight Tonight (’83 Masters)
05 – Not Far Away (’83 Masters)
06 – Lies (’83 Masters)
07 – Rebel Heart (’83 Masters)
08 – Chain Me to Heaven (’83 Masters)
09 – Scene of the Crime (’83 Masters)
10 – Remember Forever (’83 Masters)
11 – Give The Night Away (New song 2024)

Steve Philbrook (Brass Kitten) – Vocals
Matt Thorr (Rough Cutt) – Rhythm Guitars
Rick Mead (Syre) – Lead Guitars
Lance V. – Bass



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