COLD SWEAT – Unburied Alive (2024) *HQ Exclusive*

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Late ’80s melodic hard rockers COLD SWEAT are back, and to celebrate the band’s appearance at the 2024 M3 Festival in Columbia, Maryland on May 5th, alongside Night Ranger, Queensryche, Stryper, etc., they are releasing “Unburied Alive” in conjunction with Ron Keel’s RFK Media label.
The foundation of this album consists of 4 unreleased studio tracks from the early 90s, which showcase the band (ex-Keel Marc Ferrari & Erik Gamans, guitar – Chris McLernon, bass – Anthony White, drums – and Roy Cathey, vocals) delivering powerful heavy melodic rock at its finest.
The lead track “Rain Down” is a classic-style arena rock working class anthem; “Unburied Alive” also features vintage concert cuts from their 1990 appearance at the Super Rock Festival in Mannheim, Germany supporting Whitesnake, Aerosmith, Dio and Poison, plus recent modern-era live recordings from their triumphant reunion at the 2020 Monsters Of Rock Cruise pre-party.

Ferrari founded Cold Sweat after departing the band Keel in 1989. The band released their acclaimed cult classic “Break Out” on MCA Records and toured the US and Europe before falling victim to the changing musical landscape of the 90s.
This collection of recordings proves that the music has stood the test of time, and the men behind that music plan to drive that point home when they hit the stage May 5th in Columbia.

Ron Keel heard these unreleased studio tracks and realized immediately they have to get this music out there. RFK chief Ron Keel expains: “Then we found out there were unreleased live tracks, not just from the 2020 reunion but from the 1990 festival appearance in Germany. It was like an uppercut to the jaw, a right cross and a body blow in quick succession, and we’re ready to deliver the knockout punch with this very special Cold Sweat release.”

Marc Ferrari says: “Since the initial Cold Sweat reunion of 2020, we’ve been hearing loud and clear from the fans out there that they want to hear anything that has been previously unreleased. We all felt that the time was now to make these available.
“It’s been said that doing something after a long time is kinda like ‘riding a bike.’ If that’s the case, then Cold Sweat won the Tour De France of Rock n Roll! Some of us hadn’t even seen each other in 29 years. We had 1 rehearsal and went on to do 2 incredible shows as part of the 2020 Monsters of Rock Cruise. It felt amazing to be on the stage and all the pieces fell back into place immediately.”

The studio recordings – material for a second album that never was – are very good rockers, and the live tracks recorded 2020 captures a band that still sound tight n’ rocking. The 1990 live recording is for completists only, an audience tape.
A very cool release from a strong band which deserved major exposure.
Highly Recommended


01 – Rain Down
02 – Out On My Own
03 – Long Gone
04 – Claim To Fame
05 – Four On The Floor (Live 2020)
06 – Lovestruck (Live 2020)
07 – Let’s Make Love Tonight (Live 2020)
08 – Long Way Down (Live 2020)
09 – Killing Floor (Live 2020)
10 – Cryin’ Shame (Live 2020)
11 – Mannheim Medley (Live 1990)
(I Just Wanna Make Love To You / Cryin’ Shame / Killing Floor)

Marc Ferrari – guitars
Rory Cathey – vocals
Chris McLernon – bass
Erik Gamans – guitars
Anthony White – drums



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