SPLIT IMAGE – Sign Of Aggression [Retrospect Records reissue] *HQ*

SPLIT IMAGE - Sign Of Aggression [Retrospect Records reissue] *HQ* - full

Hailing from Florida, SPLIT IMAGE spent all the ’80s on the club scene opening for many big-name acts such as Survivor, Kansas, Blackfoot, Saigon Kick, Steelheart, Keel, Zebra, etc, but unfortunately never got the recognition they deserved. The band got a deal with a record label for an album to be distributed Island Records, but when SPLIT IMAGE was recording the LP, the label ceased to exist.
During the Eighties / early Nineties SPLIT IMAGE recorded many tracks that have never seen the light of day until Retrospect Records released this “Sign Of Aggression” – requested here.
Comprising songs recorded between 1984 & 1994 the album showcases SPLIT IMAGE different eras, from hard rock driven by fiery guitars, hooks and big harmony vocals to blazing hair metal / melodic hard rock that should appeal to all fans and collectors of big ’80s arena rock.
Despite parting ways in the mid-90s, SPLIT IMAGE are back and are preparing a new album to be released soon.

SPLIT IMAGE was founded by guitarist Scott Winslow around 1979 in Coral Springs, Florida. The band quickly received recognition for playing entertaining shows, parties, battle of the bands, and the broward county fair. At that time and at age 14 that was a huge deal.
They were picked up by Burt Compton Enterprises and started playing around south Florida. As time went by the following grew after each gig. When it was time to play the club scene a huge following had emerged.

They played countless gigs and opened for numerous acts during the mid ’80s and well into the ’90s with acts such as Survivor, Foghat, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kansas, Blackfoot, Pat Travers, Marylin Manson, Saigon Kick, Steelheart, Keel, Zebra – to name a few.
This resulted in the band getting signed in August of 1992 to Anamaze Records distributed by Island Records.

In early 1993 SPLIT IMAGE went in to Criteria Recording Studios with veteran producer Tony Snetro to record their debut album. But good luck wasn’t by their side. During those sessions Anamaze Records ceased to exist with the parent company of Island Records.
They were shopped to other companies and were picked up by A&R guru Don Kolesky for a brief period with Columbia Records. They were then “shelved” due to the grunge scene and continued on their own.

In 1997 SPLIT IMAGE decided to take a hiatus for a while away from the club scene to work on family life. Not until 2006 did SPLIT IMAGE re-form and start to gig again. At that time a stronger more mature band has risen, making it quite a successful line up.
This went on for a few years until they were approached by Retrospect Records and the fire has been lit again.

“Sign Of Aggression” showcases a band with strong potential for bigger things – being hard rock or hair metal or commercial melodic hard rock – and they were close to at least, release an album distributed by a major company.
Highly Recommended


01 – Rock Me Sweet
02 – It Wasn’t Love
03 – Can’t Believe It
04 – East Side
05 – Shakee Town
06 – Love Under the Gun
07 – I’m Not Waiting
08 – Don’t Close Your Eyes
09 – Crazy
10 – One More Chance
11 – Can U Feel It
12 – Carry On
13 – Got Me Goin

Scott Rollyson – Vocals
Tracy Austin – Guitars
Scott Winslow – Guitars
Mark Weiduwilt – Bass
Randy Van Patten – Drums
Smitty – guitars
Tony Laskody – guitars
Randy Black – bass
Nick Cortese – drums
Mayer Shabetay – drums
Johnny Diamond – vocals on 12, 13


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