WAR & PEACE (Jeff Pilson) – Time Capsule (Japanese Edition) *HQ*

WAR & PEACE (Jeff Pilson) - Time Capsule (Japanese Edition) *HQ* full

After Dokken broke up, bassist Jeff Pilson formed his own group called Flesh & Blood in 1989, taking over lead vocal and rhythm guitar duties this time. After changing the name to WAR & PEACE released their first album “Time Capsule” in 1993, featuring Russ Parrish aka Satchel (Steel Panther), Tommy “Hendrix” Henriksen (Warlock, Doro), and Ricky Parent (Enuff Z’Nuff).
While the grunge already started to dominate ’90s rock music WAR & PEACE remains faithful to the classic hard rock sound, and the songs on “Time Capsule” are even better than most the music released by Dokken (& Don) during that decade.

Indeed, a large part of the song material on “Time Capsule” isn’t a stone throw away from the well-known Dokken sound. Songs like ‘Stone Cold Believer’, ‘Can’t Slow Down’, ‘New Sensation’ or ‘Spread Your Wings’ sound very Dokken-ish a real breath of fresh air at the time for all those who wanted to escape the depressive grunge mist.

But what I like best about War & Peace here is when they shift down a gear, like in ‘Change the World’ (beautiful ballad with a slight psychedelic touch and NOT the same song later done by Dokken), the very good Russ Parish number ‘Believe in Yourself’, or the final highlight ‘We All Need Someone to Love’, some kind of a mix between Dokken and Saigon Kick.

With WAR & PEACE’s “Time Capsule” Jeff Pilson started to showcase he’s a very good lead singer as well his songwriting capabilities, and the rest of the band are experienced musicians from the melodic hard rock game.
Highly Recommended


01 – Love Has No Color
02 – Stone Cold Believer
03 – Change the World
04 – Can’t Slow Down
05 – New Sensation
06 – World Spinnin’ Round
07 – Believe in Yourself
08 – Heaven Is Waiting
09 – I Miss You Mama
10 – Spread Your Wings
11 – We All Need Someone to Love

Jeff Pilson – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Russ Parrish aka Satchel (Steel Panther) – lead & rhythm guitars, vocals
Tommy “Hendrix” Henriksen (Warlock, Doro) – bass, vocals
Ricky Parent (Enuff Z’Nuff) – drums



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